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Game story

Camelot - a continent surrounded by the Endless Sea. With the crownland as the center of the world vassals have control over their territories as the pledge loyalty tp the king "King Pera". 10 "king's knights" under his command were sent to different places to assist local vassals. "Lancelot" - the city of knights that stands ont he western grassland, has trained numerous knights who want to serve the King. "Gill" - the mechanical city that stands on the southern desert, dedicates to itself in developing technology and metal crafts. "Eden", which stands in the east, was built around the Holy tree. Magic power welling out of the Holy tree has flourished its research on magic. For thousands, of years, people have constantly challenged the endless Sea. However, the further they go, the more gravity they have to withstand. Eventually, akk vehicles were destroyed by this powerful force. People constantly wonder "what are hidden outside their world?". Until10 years ago, the temple emerged from a swirl in the center of the sea. Scholars believe that this is a holy temple built by the creator. Besides containing numerous treasures, they believe mechanisms to remove the gravity boundary. that is also hidden in it. To unveil the secrets of the holy temple, adventurers gathered at the Bar to prepare for a plan. In the meantime, "Lionheart", a vassal state int he north, ignored the armistice that has been enforced for years. Its leader "Rin", also known as the Dark Lord, assaulted Eden, and retrieved "dark Flame", a demon blade that they originally possessed. Right at this moment, you entered the knight training institute of Lancelot.

Knightcore Universal Hack Basics

Class: Guardian - are versitle warriors who is able to increase their own defense. Paladins - are masters of shields and holy magic. Mages - are able to deal large amount of both single target and AOE damage. Dark mages - are good at casting all sorts of hindering effects. Hunters - are able to deal significant amount of single target penetration attacks. Fighters - have excellent STR and CRI to cause massive single target damage. Rogue - are masters of venom, they are able to easily poison their foes. Bard - versatile support abilities allows them to be useful in all kinds of combats. Priest - have most effective healing spells and are able to dispell debuffs easily. Shaman - can cast spells that provides continuous healing to the team.

Hint & Tips

1. Through executing assigned quests, you will be able to gradually grow into a capable knight. See the world map of Camelot on the table? There are different stories happening on this land. We need to solve problems of different places. The sign in the center of the map os our current location.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: gems, coins, stardust, topaz, mounts, voucher, knight pack, pact of Bartender, gacha token, enchantment flint, pet bag, ring of love, wing of paradise
3. Complete the main quest 72-6 then there will be an unexpected character to join you as an Adjutant.
4. A holy tree seed that can be thrown into the character's holy tree flame to enhance abilities. Ray of sky knight - it can enhance the appointed knight knowledge in a guild that benefits all the knights in the guild.

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