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Game story

One hundred years ago, humanity began to populate the galaxy at an alarming rate. Unable to properly monitor such a wide spread population, a new wave of intergalactic crime out of control. Looking for a solution to a swiftly growing crime epidemic, the government agreed to bids by commercial industry to police the galaxy. Hundreds of law enforcement services appeared and began lobbying for more strict laws to boost prisoner count and profit. Crime plummeted, prisoner occupancy soared, and a divide crew between citizen and prisoner. Average people could be served with massive sentences for even the smalles offense and quickly become a member of the sub human, crimina world. Prison overpopulation quickly became an issue, giving birth to the justice auction system as the best way ti keep steady prisoner churn an bring in higher profits. Prisoners can now be bought and used for anything without legal ramification. You have been neutralized, arrested, and transported to a processing facility.

Kohate Hack Basics

You are now the property of Biomass laboratories. Please walk forward to calibrate the compliance collar. Don not stop. We'll have you complete a simple test before we release you into the complex. Now we need you to complete a small test before we can begin the experiment. There is an access card in room. Please collect it and use it at the other access port. You can view the items you are carrying at any time. Please move the circuit panel to the empty junction box across from it. Please open the door to enter the complex to begin testing. Your role in the experiment is very simple. Find the item needed to progress through the complex and press the completion button in the end chamber. Collect and process four different blood samples during the test. Please find your way to the room behind the stasis pod in front of you.

Hint & Tips

1. This is where you will bring blood samples for processing. In accordance with updated guidelines for humane testing, we have updated the hub to be more inviting. Please enjoy the safety pillows, color customization, and more. Have a look around, your testing has begun.
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3. You have been arrested and purchased by BioMass Labs for testing at their remote facility: Kohate. No one knows what they do there, but no one has ever come back. You belong to them now, and you will have to perform whatever test they give you… good luck. Stay alive.

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