Cheats hack Kotodama Diary code:lens, re-draw ticket, special fortune, rank up, hearts, auto clicker, gold, furniture Kotodama Diary Hack tools gift voucher codes game bug android, ios.

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lens - use hack 5wkWrjcAT
daily pack - enter pass Bz0z2TlOU
re-draw ticket - utc00YEnn
special fortune - R5kIZfmM6
booster pack - ghO62g6YA
rank up - ZsHYlVTTT
Month Card x1 - JPKiAUyiv
hearts - dwLACKB8y
daily gift bag x10 - dnMh1zI60
auto clicker, - 6KFOegqC0
v - fS8oANg7t
gold - xmMIoYb39
upgrade - dDhaybedC
level up - ZX0h3RItN
game speed x10 - n9xPIVID4

Kotodama Diary use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

This is a game about breeding the wonderful creatures known as kotodummies. Try tapping the heart on the screen. The creatures evolve differently depending on the words that they eat (evolve in five stages). Find as many evolutions as you can and try to complete the enciclopedia! Here, you can check out all the units that you've met so far. You can now access furniture and the shop. Let's try buying and placing furniture in the room. While you're in room set-up mode, you can move furniture around by dragging it, as well as place or remove it.

Kotodama Diary Hack Basics

The creatures feed off "kotodama", the mysterious power contained within words. When they eat a word, their alignment changes according to the word that they've eaten (the alignments are: chill, cheerful, cute, dark, serious). From now on, the following new worlds may appear: nothin but (pensioner), manners (pensioner), slow(toddler). After you play for a while, hearts will start to appear more slowly. Quit the game for a while and the speed will go back to normal. If you feel that the game has become too slow, maybe it's time for a rest.

Hint & Tips

1. You can get gift items from fortunes and from the daily items at the shop.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: lens, re-draw ticket, special fortune, rank up, hearts, auto clicker, gold, premium furniture
3. If you reach certain objectives, you'll be awarded with gems, items, and more. Check them out from the bottom menu.
4. List - from here you can look at the units you've met so far and put them away in the box. Check it out from the bottom menu.

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Kotodama Diary Redeem code - premium gift box

1. h2cUOrUVDywwQie
2. kU4omWmgxo84GY5
3. NVC0HfS2AAYykjt
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5. VMlBm2B9O9q6ocg
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