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Kumu's Adventure hack cheat code List

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Kumu's Adventure use cheats
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Game story

Boss, is this the base camp you're talking about? This stuff looks older than my grandma. Collect super alloys to repair the reactor. We didn't find much except for these pieces of scrap metal. The reactor seems to be operational. What's next? We must wait for the reactor to charge enough batteries in order to power the other machines. Why don't you make another run and see if you can't scavenge some more materials for this place. At this rate we'll have enough materials to build a replica Kumu city. Just do your job. Parts can be used to repair the centrifuge.

Kumu's Adventure Hack Basics

We can automatically produce metallic parts when this machine is operational. More materials are required. We need to increase the power and speed of these machines. Vehicle needs some fixing up too. Use whatever parts we have so that we can depart immediately. We found a piece of armor. It seems to be an immet artifact. This armor has a socket for a chip. That is to say, it can be used to enhance your combat effectiveness. End battle - skills have been reset. You have been defeated, but managed to make it safely back to camp. Monsters and treasures have been reset. Due to the unstable nature of the tech, levels and skills obtained during your adventure have also been reset. On the bright side, you can try new skill builds in the next adventure.

Hint & Tips

1. Airstrike - calls down an airstrike, dealing magic damage to the target and surrounding enemies. Power can be increased by tech effectiveness.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: chest, ancient coins, gasoline, blueprints, talents, materials, chip, fusion, gems, level up
3. The area within one cell of characters is called the guard cell, and the enemy cannot pass through the guard cell and enter the next cell.
4. Blueprints may be obtained from chests, or dropped by elite monsters and bosses.

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