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Land of ROM RPG Game story

A new adventure begins! Finally arrived at novice academy. Go ahead and find a receptionist and submit your application for admission. I'm in charge of guiding novice. You must register basic information in order to enter the academy. Receive the novice bag. When you're ready, let the operator guide you to the next level. You have may noticed this already, "!" and "..." sigh means that you can proceed with the quest See also on the mini map, so please refer to it. It's done. Now let's go to pick up the novice bag. You'll need it to venture forward. Come on, follow me!

Receive the novice bag. Conversation with Sansa Pick up your bag and go with Veorra to the manager. Leave the troublesome paperwork to Sansa and pick up your bag next to you. To be an official student of the academy, you must be approved by the professor. Follow Veorra to the academy (Follow the guide to the garden outside). Let's go to the academy lobby. If you want to spend time in the garden, you can look around. Don't worry. I'll give you a brief description of Nobis academy. This is something that Nobis needs to know before starting a formal class. Understanding adventure Learn about novice academy by Veorra.

Land of ROM RPG Hack Basics trucos

First, let me tell you about the novice academy. Here, the novice academy is here to develop excellent adventurers at Rune midgaits. Specially established Begginer academy. Understanding adventure Follow Veorra to the academy's photo wall. Share your sentiments with Veorra in the photo wall. If you touch the photo on photo wall, you can see it more clearly. All these pictures are from our academy graduates. Every adventurer on the Midgard continent Has a different experience! Adventurers help and encourage each other, kill powerful monsters, and go through various challenges. Don't you think it would be great?! You'll experience everything after doing that. Look forward to it, novice! How about? After listening to my story, aren't you expecting an adventurous life to come in the future? Huh, you're already feeling sick? Come on, follow me now. Let's go to the professor with the professor. I can take the next class. Visit professor Conversation with Anderson Go to the professor's room with Veorra.

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Tap the camera icon at the top of the chat window to shoot. Adjust like desired mode and angle in the shooting screen, then touch Big camera icon again to shoot. You can choose a shooting mode whenever you want. You can choose normal, free, selfie, ect. Now, then the picture. If you follow Veorra to the training ground, you'll be able to do the rest of the training. Now i'm going to leave, but i'm going to give you Limited Poring Rider so you can get to the training field quickly. Of course, you can explore the academy more, but this limited Poring rider it only lasts a certain amount of time, so don't delay too much, let's go, start your adventure!

Land of ROM RPG Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Learn the history of the academy. Acquire basic knowledge and basic skills. Overcome your limits through the Godess' Test. Leave a picture to commemorate graduation and Choose a job and go on an adventure journey! Move the training ground.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Land of ROM RPG cheat code - give: stat point, equipment, materials, card,potions, restore HP and SP, increase job level, skill points, coupon, Catnip premium, Kafra membership, copper coin, zeny, oridecon, elunium, resources, shards, costume, headgear, mount, wings, hairstyle
3. If you are a wise adventurer, you need to be prepared before the battle in addition to skill use skills. Monsters don't look at you! Wear your gear well, You need to prepare therapeutic medications to be a wise adventurer.
4. You can set the options by clicking on the auto recover device and clicking enable! Auto Recovery Device A device to aid novices on their journey. This can automatically use potions. Touch "+", "input" the potion to use automatically. When you achieve Lv.20th mercenaries are set automatically to drink a potion. Red potion can recover a small amount of HP input Tears of the Goddess Possible mass recovery of HP and SP acquire. Blue Potion Can recover a small amount of SP

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