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Land of Spirits Game story

Hello and welcome your access to the Land of Spirits. I will start a brief user's guide to be adapted to the land of spirits. First, please select th eoperation mode for the move. Touch pad to move the fixed or mobile area, you can move the character. Well done! Operation method can be changed at any time via the setting window. Let's learn how to move. Select your fixed pad using the fixed pad or Local touch, you can move the character. Please touch pad to move or move the position of the left lower. Now let's learn how to dialogue and NPC. Moved to the position of NPC to try the NPC and dialog. It operates the mobile UI Reach NPC. Talking to press the button to request a conversation with Igniz.

Character select: Warrior- use their sword to kill enemies. It has physical defense and high stamina. Priest - use buffs to protect allies. Utility magic - Use buffs and debuffs. Thief - Attack one enemy with a quick attack. It has mobility and agility. Wizard - Kill enemies from a distance using magic. Has magic defense and high mana

Land of Spirits Hack Basics trucos

Now let's learn how to enter the hunting ground. Please touch the button according to the guide. Press Menu to open the window to activate the menu. Please press the button on the field [Region selection]. Please select the map you go[Hunting ground selection]. Please select the fields you move. Let's set the auto hunting before you hear the description of the mission. Auto hunting will automatically use the skill or potion registrated on the slot. The settings button next to the potion button to set the conditions of use potions to use.

List of missions: If not yet received the mission, press the bottom of the reeiving mission please accept the mission. Mission to get in immuchang is divided into two First. I'll explain immuchang from one day to receive a commission on every day. Eleven missions eleven missions Button click when the mission becomes automatically accepted as the basis of a specific time every day, the mission has been initialized, you will receive a commission again.

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upgrade trucos - 92z36dN9Q
level up - L8RTzrHAs
daily pack - enter pass zfZXk1C21
admin account - fKKHh7Rwy
Month Card x1 - VKAaV3FS4
booster pack - gpV6ElLOc
evolve - WiLdmY6fe
enhance - aubs3bn6W
General mission is currently Adventurer level missions are generated automatically to fit the City after the mission completion conditions are met: according to auto complete. Terms and conditions is an automatic feature that can receive such duties to. If the mission is to confirm the changes when you move the hunting grounds passes a certain level does not automatically accepted back will be a big help in the hunt. Please accept, do not forget the mission has not yet received!

Press the skill button - When you click the button to increase the skill or skill level. Skill is only available eight skill mounted on one attention to the possible number of skills, needed mana, cooldown, skill points ect. Use the mounting buttons it can be equipped with skills in the slot. For killing monsters to acquire equipment

Land of Spirits Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. There are two ways to extract the item select Extract and Batch extraction. Choose Extract can extract the item to proceed to extraction Direct Selection.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Land of Spirits cheat code - give: gems, mount, pet, legendary equipment, weapon, materials, skill points, gold coins, ingredients, costume, secure storage, VIP, artifact.
3. Extraction equipment and shows the result to be extracted. Batch extraction All items of equipment is not locked out is registrated in the extraction list. Item lock proceeding can be set through the lock button. Locked items are protected from extraction, destruction. Find out if the equipment is being worn hunting slowing!
4. Region selection - It gives a similar hunting fields marked with the current level in the next level in the UI. Please refer to the hunting grounds appear to provide the hunting for you. If you move the hunting grounds receive a commission for the hunting ground for quick growth.
5. Saving feature is the ability to save the current dta manually. Please exit the game without using the save function frequently or take advantage of the usual features save two euros, so the game is not saved when the exit data can be lost. Change the device or use, please check the description for the safe storage be conducted later in case you reinstall the game.

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