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League of Legends Wild Rift use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!

Welcome! Here you'll learn how to fight and win on wild rift. Hold and drag the movement stick to make your champion move. Follow the arrows on the ground and move to the waypoint. Attack the enemy minions. Each champion has unique abilities with powerful effects. Tap ^ to learn a new ability. Jinx's first pulls out a rocket launcher that deals splash damage. Tap on the ability - switch to Jinx's rocket launcher, or to high attack speed mode. Drag the ability button to adjust the direction of the skill shot, then release the button to cast the ability. Level up your abilities for even greater effects.

League of Legends Wild Rift Hack Basics

Each champion has an incredibly powerful ultimate ability. There are dozens of unique champions, each with their own attack and abilities. Press and hold to view the ability's description.
Damaging enemy champions will cause turrets to attack you. The enemy nexus is exposed? Destroy it to achieve victory!

Hint & Tips

1. Currently experiencing high netword delay. To avoid impacting your game experience, we recommend starting matches after your network connection improves.
2. Controls setting: semilock camera lets players customize their view of the battlefield.
3. Item shop: the item build tab will display the current build configuration.
4. Turn off the warding aim assist setting to place wards exactly where you drag.
5. You can use pings to communicate with your teammates. Tap to send the attack signal, or hold and drag to send the signal at a precise location.


Lanes - defend your turrets and push forward against the enemy. Spawning platform - heal and buy items with gold to grow more powerful. Turrets - destroying turrets grants gold and access to the enemy nexus. Nexus - destroy the enemy nexus to achieve victory. Use gold to purchase items and greatly increase your power. Marksman champions like Jinx usually push the duo lane. Push with allied minions to destroy the enemy turret. Minions provide gold and experience. Dealing the killing blow earns extra gold. You have earned gold; go back to the spawning platform to purchase items. Tap recall to quickly return to the spawning platform. Destroy enemy inhibitor turrets to strengthen your minions and pave your way to the enemy nexus.

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