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diamonds - use 1QgHCpNb0
vip - zgG8VmW0l
secret combination - CawgFZe5Q
speed up - imltoZFXq
double rewards - NSpXBcfNC
auto clicker - ag8Vgxjzv
off ad - Djg2xiAoM
soul stones - 82sWU8GuE
misc - mXFEax31E
admin panel - 5ewziMiuB
equipment - EyOSfHUHo
items - use xHlwSr7iE
legendary heroes (SSSR) - KISta1N1J
portraits - gy8lWD1BU
crystal - GpH6q9BFN
materials - zezxr4Nba
friendship points - Q3hsHMgrR
unlimited arena - use sxXlFiQit
luxury set - 1E4BS7KKk
gold coins - bsBBt7mIb
fragments - H10iSBSI

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HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

Darkness invades the mainland, evil demon forces are rioting everywhere. Hurry! Tap 'begin' and let's get on with it. Click hero portrait once energy bar is full use ultimate ability. Hurry, there are still more demons that need to be slain! Place mage in the middle of your formation, so that mage's ability can destroy more enemies. Tap on hero portrait to learn more about character. Tap on 'level up' to make unit stronger. Tap on 'equip' so unit can equip new equipment and increase attributes. The stronger, the better! Those demons think they'll have a chance now?

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Certain equipment can give your heroes factional attribute bonuses. Increases the stats of all allied heroes when 3 heroes of one faction and 2 heroes of another faction are used together. Protoss heroes can be viewed as an empire, orcs, templar or demon hero when increasing factional bonuses. It seems you already know how to level up your heroes and fight! The rest is up to you. Good luck on your adventures.

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upgrade trucos - UxdItbDci
level up - nV9lg4UEe
daily pack - enter pass 1h7lfSnTG
admin account - R1aTH5xfq
Month Card x1 - wnAWMRvfa
booster pack - ivkthTNT3
evolve - B2ZJoNSrx
enhance - QkWaeuNN6
A hero's maximum level is determined by their ascension level. Different heroes have different maximum ascension levels. You can hold down the 'level up' button to continuously level up. If you're unable to defeat a boss try to changing your battle formation. Remember, some quests are unlocked daily for the first 5 days of bootcamp. Players will be rewarded for all of the quests they have completed. Accumulate a designated number of purple hero to collect rewards. SSSR heroes and heroes ascended also included.

Legend of Summoners Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. You can harvest AFK rewards continuously for up to 12 hours. The expedition is refreshed every 48 hours. Upgrading your vip level can raise AFK rewards you receive.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: diamonds, vip, speed up, auto clicker, soul stones, misc, equipment, items, legendary heroes (SSSR), portraits, crystal, materials, friendship points, unlimited arena, luxury set, gold coins, fragments
3. Click 'recommend' to add more friends. You can use 'companions points' to summon heroes at the summon altar.
4. Every time you reach the accumulated recharge amount, you can get one time to customize a hero.

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