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Legendino Dinosaur Battle Game story

Let's use an Attack Skill! If you don't have enough Soul, you can't do anything. You'll need to save Soul before it runs out. I'll replenish your Soul, can you manage it this time? Thanks for helping. My name is Yuna. Alright, I'll take you to the Basecamp, follow me! As a token of my gratitude, I'll lend you a Dino-field for exploration. I'll also provide you with a Dino to accompany you! Come with me! We've been keeping them at the Lab. Pick from one of these! Select the Dino's Medal you'd like to explore with! Tap on the Dino card to view its Skill. Now let's learn how to Battle with the Dino you've set. Let's combine the Defenses together!! I'll tell you all the skill that are combinable! Combined Skills can be used in special locations! Let's use Evade!!

Legendino Dinosaur Battle Hack Basics trucos

You've successfully performed an evasion!! You now have the advantage because you've dodged a big skill! Next, let's combine two Attacks. Strong Attack ognores DEF! Your Attack ignored their Defend!! Try to predict if they are going to use Defend. Let's combine an Attack and a Defend. Counter blocks the incoming attack and then attacks the opponent! Although it's dangerous because you attack slower, if you successfully block an attack, you'll earn a Soul! You've successfully Countered their Attack and gained a Soul!! Remember that this is a slow attack type! You even managed to use a Special Attack! Remember, each Dino possesses unique Special Skills of their own! Let's get back to the Doctor! You've completed an important mission!! The missions give you Rewards that are essenial for adventurers!! Get important Mission Reward!!

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You've already collected a good amount of food for your Dino. Let me teach you how to grow your Dino! You can use the food to Level up your Dino! Want to level up more? Dinos can increase the level limit through enhancement! Let's click on the Enhance button. If you want to make your Dinos stronger, collect Element Stones and Enhancement capsules that match the dinosaurs! Before you depart for your exploration, let me recommend an efficient Exploration Pack! Fire Stone - Stone infused with Fire energy. Used for Fire type Dino Evolution. Fast Growth Button - This will activate upon achieving the condition to grow the Dino.

Legendino Dinosaur Battle Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. If you Evade you will dodge the opponent's Attack. You'll be so thrilled when you successfully Evade a Big Skill! However, don't forget there are skills which ignore Evade!!
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Legendino Dinosaur Battle cheat code - give: gold, enhancement capsules, speed up, premium egg, arena coin, dino feed, element stone box, settlement pack, gemstones, 5 star hero, skins, off ads, admin panel, starter pack, offline reward
3. Obtaiable from Arena: Arena Score, Dino Feed, Arena Coin. You can acquire Arena Coins up to 20 times a day. After playing 50 times a day, you cannot acquire equipment materials and Dino Feed.
4. Utilize various Passive Skills! 2nd Evolution Dinos obtain Passive Skills!! Small defferences will determine whether you win or lose!
5. Special rewards are given when your Adventurer Level increases.
6. Select the Egg you'd like to put inside an incubator and wait for the Dino to hatch! Oh right, you can use Gemstones to instantly hatch the Dino without having to wait!
7. Lost World Settlement Box - Support box for Lost World settlement. Contents: Enhancement Capsules x10, Element Stone Box x10
8. Make sure to wear the equipment. Adventurer's equipment will give positive effects to all characters.
9. As your Arena Tier increases, you'll be able to Explore further. Let's open up the Exploration Map and check! This is the map of the Lost World. Let's head in to the Explorer's Path. On the far right, do you see the Boss mark? After defeating the Boss, a crossroad will appear! But you can't challenge it right away! To get to where the Boss is, you'll need to go step by step.
10. Guild - Here you can find other Adventurers loke you to help each other out. All the Guild's have different requirements or goals, so take your time to find the right one for you!

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