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Month Card x1 - Lbcgv8BcL
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daily gift bag x10 - MuDVVWopK
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resources - STSBCJy9X
upgrade - agpT4BBBE
level up - bqavwL96y
crystal - lP589XMPc
equipment - DGPUIG4G2
rune - d3H2IzUzT
angel pack - onHEwjpCd

Light Of Hell use cheats
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Game story

Humans, angels and demons live in harmony across their domains. As the human king grows old, his fear of death deepened. All it took was a rumor that angels held the knowledge of eternal youth. Desperate for the secrets, countless angles were abducted and a war was waged. With many of the archangels captured, humanity seems to be waiting for something....No! It's time humanity paid the price! Let me guide you in this world in the meantime. Hellspawn - this little demon is your first loyal servant. Please make him fight for you now. The enemies are much stronger now, i'm afraid you have to arrange your own lineups. Both the side and middle lanes are tough battles, let us sacrifice one side to guarantee a victory in the middle, as long as you win in 3 of the lanes it's our victory.

Light Of Hell Hack Basics

THe demons were very excited when they heard that you appeared. You can summon them to fight for you. Raising the level of a demon can make it stronger. It's a big expense to upgrade the demons. Let's see if there is any place in the fortress that produces experience. The body of the Lava troll is covered by thick lava. It is a front line tank unit. We put him at the forefront of the battlefield to help soak dmg for the hellspawns behind. The seal has made the demons weak like a like a candle flame in the wind. For now, they need to rest and reacquaint themselves with the rage of combat. Deploy angels: Cesia smite - inflict dmg equal to 84% of ATK to all the enemy, has a 100% chance to destroy the opponent's defenses, reducing its dmg. Reduction by 35% for 5 seconds.

Hint & Tips

1. Minotaur is a weapon for slaughter at close range, remember that.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: awaken stones, vip summon, intimacy, fragments, gold, gems, resources, crystal, equipment, artifact, rune, angel pack
3. Don't forget to receive the AFK bonus after you weak up every day.
4. Hellspawns are more suitable for sneak attack behind bigger demons.

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