Cheats hack LiL BIG Brawl code:gold, lucky wheel, gems, unlock heroes, mythic weapons, skins, items, enhancement dust, pets LiL BIG Brawl Hack tools gift voucher codes game bug android, ios.

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LiL BIG Brawl hack cheat code List

gold - use Hf9v8PQ49
off ads - ChaDufJ1H
secret combination - na7scoXV0
lucky wheel - 5XiIXywNX
double rewards - aHJY51cMW
gems - hGnzY7yZS
unlock heroes - rk9tbVKLW
mythic weapons - cNHZ4tnPN
starter package - snc7LpW3K
admin panel - fSFZmoBUU
skins - SY78lW9Ly
items - use we6gt8Otm
enhancement dust - lcz56sojZ
pets - wqGkrnHgD
enhance - use f7kBWBn0f
legendary pack set 6 pieces - 7I703TRZy
shield - YC2ac8r7U

LiL BIG Brawl use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

Weapons: Pulse blaster - skill pulsing burst: increase base attack power for you and you allies by 50% for 10 seconds. Hair dryer - skill lightning ward: summons a lightning ward that blocks all incoming projectiles for 5 seconds. Bat crossbow - skill blood pact: grants sell and allies 10% HP steal for 10 seconds. Serious gloves - serious mode: attacks have a chance to instantly kill a minion or have a high chance to deal triple damage to a boss. Lasts 10 seconds. EXIII grenade - feast of explosions: throw an EX grenade at the target location, dealing damage equal to 500% of attack power.

LiL BIG Brawl Hack Basics trucos

Buff: frontal projectile +1 - increase the number of frontal projectiles by 1. Diagonal projectile +2 - increase the number of diagonal projectiles by 2. Bouncing rounds - projectiles jump at a second target after hitting the initial target. Penetrating rounds - projectiles penetrate enemies. Attack power - greatly increase damage.

enter cheat (LiL BIG Brawl gift codes):
upgrade trucos - 1jIIdpKfe
level up - 1Rs8nEPzw
daily pack - enter pass 4fyXqMiKD
admin account - gbdg12Anb
Month Card x1 - t71nItwpG
booster pack - Yi38AWLvu
evolve - gYMka4NMI
enhance - 9s5bvUipm
Characters: Red hoodie - attacks have a chance to deal AoE damage. Space Corgi - blink leaves a sparking circle that deals lightning damage after a few seconds. Tomomi - damage boost after defeating each player. Up to 5 times. Max HP +100. Tang - after using blink, tap the button again within 3 seconds to return to the init point. Gualina - standing still grants damage immunity and restores HP. Soldier - grenades deal increased damage.

LiL BIG Brawl Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. PvP classic royal battle within three minutes. A variety of weapons combinations, new hero debut!
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: gold, lucky wheel, gems, unlock heroes, mythic weapons, skins, items, enhancement dust, pets, off ads, enhance, legendary pack set 6 pieces, shield
3. Team real time voice, teammates cooperate tacitly. Defeat the powerful boss with hundreds of skill combinations.
4. You can choose to grow a BUFF when you defeat a level, and you can combine different abilities with exclusive gameplay.

LiL BIG Brawl Hack tools Version:


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