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wings - use hack WTlj2gwmG
theme - enter pass WWmKO0mwM
Face - ObQkAin2U
costume - j0GOnw3hw
pets - G5GhzXIZP
platinum chest - 5HXktY7xn
Month Card x1 - fewHDWQWg
upgrade - F9yzTQvRj
daily gift bag x10 - xyNr1trox
secret combination code - 4Lo4wvN2k
donation package - BKZXu6Nhs
cash - U2BJAIv03
hats - ddhLSo8ER
weekly deal - LWb1q1fgy
fashion pass - 4PFvBLuGr
premium dress - uzVJOgGGI
accessories - WeJd26gkt
VIP status - fLhd5WduQ
monthly limited pack - C2gHznIdM

Lily Diary use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!

Game story

Tap the '+' button to go to decorate Avatar. You can delete or edit saved avatars by pressing delete/edit button. Save or delete current avatar and go to decorate background. if you wish to use the current avatar in decorate background, the avatar must be saved. You can change skin, hair and eye color.You can scroll left and right to see more items. You can scroll more easily by scrolling left and right while pressing the scroll bar. You can decorate avatars however you like by dragging and dropping clothes and items. However you can only use avatars upon saving at 'decorate avatars'.

Lily Diary Hack Basics

You can drag outfits and items to the trash can to delete. If you wish to delete multiple items in the same category: 1) Tap the category with items you wish to delete; 2) tap the trash can button at the bottom left. If you tap the top, necklace, earrings, shoes, glasses ow wing category, the layer button will be available. It's possible to place the earrings over or under the bangs.

Hint & Tips

1. If you select an item with the mirror button on, it will be displayed in left and right reversed state.
2. Tap the whole screen button to activate screenshot, share and video buttons. Screenshot files will be saved as jpg, and videos will be saved as gif in Lily diary album.
3. Tap the middle area to type in the speech bubble. Drag if you want to move the speech bubble.
4. However, you can't delete some categories, such as eyebrows, eyes and bangs.

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1. 46HmgVkPGIESRbR
2. VPgMQMtaes9ujS6
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