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unlimited spin - use hack N7pnFNteO
daily pack - enter pass HdPZYb40C
admin account - iQwab2gWy
powerups - 3EmwpRSKZ
booster pack - JHTrUwZP2
shield - clTcusfbw
Month Card x1 - mtzuJthQu
legendary hero - qXVAEuzRt
daily gift bag x10 - k1ivem24p
gold - 8FWbsrLtp
gems - dE9TaZMuW
upgrade - 5oGK2PTix
level up - ynaCsdEfE
vip - 4T1FclCOI
shards - GQRBeQ0u9
summon x10 - wQbmR3nu2
friendship points - E5GZlOXbb

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Game story

Welcome to the game, it's good to see a new slot master. We're on a quest to defeat evil and you came just in time. I need you to power me up by rolling fire symbols in your machine below. If there are fire symbols in the slots, i'm ready to attack. This round we only rolled one fire symbol, we can do better than that. First lock fire symbol by tapping it. Now that it's locked we can use a re-spin and hope to find more fire. Two is okay, but we can do better! Lock this one as well. I believe in you, roll me more fire. Now let's show enemy who's boss. The wave counter by the portal shows how many waves are remaining. Before attacking it's good to look at the enemy health bars. Here we see how mych damage we'll do and amount of turns until they'll attack. Now use the locks and re-spin like i taught you to roll fire and defeat them!

Lockspin Legends Hack Basics

On our health bar we see the damage the enemy will deal next turn. We win if we defeat the enemy waves without losing all our health. How exciting, a fire enemy! We should attack using water against this one! Water deals bonus damage towards fire. How bonus damage works can be seen in the top corner, try tapping it. If you ever need a reminder, it will be right there. But you can close that for now. Now let's build up a strong water attack! Lock the water symbols we have and roll again. We're going to need to use hero skill to beat these guys. If we can get one more fire symbol hero charge bar will be full. First lock all the fire symbols by tapping on them. Attacking now will fully charge hero skill bar and activate skill. Tap on it to see what it does.

Hint & Tips

1. Burning judgement - blast enemies with fire and then burn them over 3 turns, based on current fire symbols. Removes fire from spinners for 3 turns. Rogue mastery - increase critical hit chance of all heroes by 15%. Upper hand - whenever an enemy is defeated, gain 1 spin.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: unlimited spin, powerups, shield, legendary hero, gold, gems, level up, upgrade, shards, summon x10, friendship points, vip status
3. Powerups will appear several times during a chapter, and they make you stronger. The powerups you pick are only active during this chapter run. Some powerups can create powerful combinations.

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