Cheats hack Looters code:gem, gold, legendary traps, key, restore health, treasure chest, skins, chest, seasonal bounty Looters Hack tools gift voucher codes game bug android, ios.

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Looters hack cheat code List

gem - use hack 4PW3tQ70u
daily pack - enter pass qJhELqrVM
gold - 1VviJwtte
legendary traps - VT4qVitPW
booster pack - 87BztiRCF
increase stats - PNFgl6zt7
Month Card x1 - vnxvyWvEE
restore health - z9bzuwQgZ
daily gift bag x10 - G7XdwSBBM
secret combination code - sqpkKD9bc
key - Sv96kCnmE
treasure chest - Ic281Wose
skins - eI81NgxFh
upgrade - QRt6hNxQo
level up - IIQyROIVP
merchant chest - GQeCHUWMT
seasonal bounty - muZ8dmoKN

Looters use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

Oh no! it appears there's been another looter! it's the last time that you reached this castle, you dying green creature! We need to make our defense stronger. Attack some nearby castles and bring me some traps. We're gonna hurt a lot of looters with this. Let's make our defense stronger. Enemy will attack the castle from left path, put the trap in their way. After editing the defense path you need to save it. We need to upgrade our traps. After all not all opponents are weak.

Looters Hack Basics

With knowledge cards we can upgrade our defense! Attack other castles and bring gold and cards. Explore opponent's defense path before attacking. Upgrade the trap and increase its damage. Wooden thorns - avoid these sharp blades which can cause devastating wounds. Now the strong cowlin turned into ghost. Collect his gold. Now that you learnt the basic of looting, go get some strong traps and become the king of thieves. To attack real players castles you have to prove your abilities first. You need more health to pass stronger defense! in order to increase your health, upgrade your traps.

Hint & Tips

1. Bomb - there isn't much time from when the wick burns through to when the bomb explodes; it's better to get away as quickly as possible.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: gem, gold, legendary traps, increase stats, key, restore health, treasure chest, skins, merchant chest, seasonal bounty
3. If you are running out of gold, don't be shy, take some from the gold mine.
4. If you jump while in midair and touching a wall, you will kick the wall and jump in the opposite direction.
5. Chests purchased in the shop always contain extra health cards.
6. Gold is used to upgrade and buy traps. You get gold by looting other castles, collecting looters ghosts in your defense path, opening chests and tapping the gold mine.

Looters Hack tools Version:


Looters Redeem code - premium gift box

1. 81ZWhvVqKjbSbpL
2. eF7tIqFDZFHvaO6
3. MnBoxKfHOjBJk0G
4. fiOnhw4X9slb6Lt
5. uTcFOIzSC0tswvA
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