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Game story

Life in another world is not so easy. You must build your own city in order to survive. Let's take a look at the city hall first. City hall is the basic building that determines the upper limit of all buildings. Please tap the city hall. Select upgrade option. Well done, the workers have started to upgrade the city hall. What's that noise? There seems something happened outside the city! Castellan, let's go out and take a look. Gosh, a rebel army is advancing upon our city. We must return to the city and organize a troop to defeat the enemy. First tap "hero", then tap 'formation', next tap 'deploy'. After that move the hero to the specified position. Finally, you need to let the hero lead soldiers. It seems that you have fully grasped the conscription process. Now you just need to equip the last hero with soldiers.

Lord of the Other World Hack Basics trucos

All of our soldiers are morale high. Let's go out of the city to fight against the rebel army. You need to tap and lock on the target. Then tap 'attack' to defeat the enemy. The selected troop has started off, please be patient and wait for a moment. You have won the first battle and received a reward of resource. Your victory has been recorded and you can tap 'report' to check it. As you can see, through the report you can not only check the casualties of both sides in the battle but also the details of the battle process.

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booster pack - 4hqps92nT
evolve - tQL88YmQ1
enhance - tQL88YmQ1
Despite victory, there are still many wounded soldiers who need to return to the city for medical treatment. Tap "return" and your troop will return to the city automatically. The slightly wounded soldiers will be restored to health immediately after returning to the city, but the severely wounded soldiers will be sent to the hospital. Task - here are the daily affairs. In order to run the city well, you must deal with it responsibly every day. However, the time together is always short. My guidance work is about to end, you have to rely on yourself in future.

Lord of the Other World Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Alliance notice - fight the rebels and try to choose the elite rebels in the upper right corner, with experience book rewards. Don't pull the city hall level too fast, always ensure that you can beat the elite rebels with low battle damage. Hero advancement can increase the number of troops, and 4-star heroes with high advancement times are more suitable for early land reclamation. High level arms suppress low level arms, and try to ensure that the main team uses all high level arms.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: technology, resources, hero recruitment, 5 star unit, gems, golden chest, daily special offer, luxury card, buff
3. When the hero is killed in battle, the soldiers with slight injury will have extra serious injury or death. Please return to the city to recover in time.

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