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Lost Empires Game story

Commander, welcome! Our people have been struggling to survive the war. However, starting from this small town, we will build our own empire and create a new life. Gather Wood to build our home! You have gathered enough Wood. Now build a House for the residents! Mill - Produces Food. House - Housing for workers. Warehouse - Protects resources from being plundered. Lumber Camp - Produces wood. Alliance Center - Enables help from allies. A stable food supply is essential for people to live an abundant life. Build a Mill to mountain the city food supply. Dispatch Farmers to the Mill to increase Food Yield. Oh, no. The Rebels found your town! Hide now! Give us what you have! Or you will lose that smile on your face forever! Sound the alarm! There's nothing here! Let's go to another town! We need powerful troops to protect our home. Let's build a Barrack!

Lost Empires Hack Basics trucos

The Rebels may come again soon. We need to train our troops to protect the people! Militia - One of the earliest military units. Equipped with primitive weapons, they mostly rely on brute force. Due to their lack of training, they are weak against enemies. Now build the walls to protect this town. Dear Commander, there's someone outside the city gate. Go and check it out! Open the Gate. We underestimated the enemies! The Rebels have retreated. You may send scouts to investigate the surroundings! Commander, let's go outside the town and take a look! Their defense is so vulnerable! Brothers, take the foods and burn all the rest! What a tragedy! We don't have the power to fight back now. Let's take in villagers who have lost their home.

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Haha, this is enough for us to eat for a while! There is another village nearby, let's go! Build a teavern to recruit excellent heroes. Open this Gold Chest and see what you get! Heroes you already own will be automatically exchanged to 10 hero shards. There are big rewards for defeating the rebels. You can attack rebels up to Lv. 1. It's time to send troops and take out those rebels. Create and dispatch new troops from your town! Create troop. Commander, you have proved yourself with outstanding leadership and extraordinary wisdom. You're the hero of all citizens! The Rebels won't come again within a short time. However, we still need to strengthen our troops and develop the town as quickly as possible. Your bravery intrigued something among the villagers after you defeated the Rebels. Some of them are determined to join you and fight against your common enemy. Commander, we are the best scout candidates on this land. Recruit us and we will get you as much information as possible. Build a Scout Camp to manage your scouts. Scouts are special units that can explore Fog of War areas, investigate events and locations on the map, and gather intelligence about other Commanders' cities and troops.

Lost Empires Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. The world is covered by the Fog of War. Send your scouts to explore! Scouts will automatically explore this area and notify you when they find something. Now let's go back and continue developing the town.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Lost Empires cheat code - give: keys, gems, speed up, resources, recruit x10, shards, legendary hero, premium troops, gold chest, vip status, supreme pack, activity points, battle pass
3. You may dispatch Farmers to resource structures to increase the yield, and upgrade Town Center to buy more Farmers!
4. It takes long to upgrade the Town Center. Let's use a construction speedup item to reduce the time required!
5. Commanders can collect free VIP Points once per day. The VIP Points you collect will increase with the number of your consecutive daily logins. You will unlock various benefits as your VIP level increases.
6. You can claim a Free VIP Chest per day. The rewarsd in the chest get better as your VIP level increases.
7. Each time your VIP level increases, you unlock a Supreme VIP Pack of that level. Some of these packs give legendary hero shards.

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