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increase attributes - use Tn948ZHT2
legendary equipment - kop8yObNj
secret combination - aNGRWrUkM
gloves - ydzWCeqzx
double rewards - RQiZiawhd
shoes - axkXpTuZB
jewelry - iLxaALfBm
100% critical hit - aldyKRQUo
off ad - o4Ga13z4M
admin panel - KKQPOcBlL
skin - FKWDU76Vj
arms - use zDxBQa7u6
helmet - JmgmZVn9u
talents - bgRfjd1Ai
blueprints - use ovMSpKjpJ
gold coins - JqgBDArY5
gems - 4ArzideBf

Lost Rings use cheats
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Game story

The flames of the ring war have not been extinguished. All creatures in the world are deeply involved in endless struggles. All this may be ended by me. In the flames of the battlefield, you held up left hand and looked at the strange ring on your finger, and you came up with this kind of though inexplicably. The ring exudes alluring power and guides you to the dense forests inaccessible. You feel that this place is full of crises, so which way will you go? The ring's induction seems to be stronger. It is begging you for strength in exchange for the information you want in your mind. The monster hidden in the dark greeted your eyes, and the ring hissed with satisfaction (long press the icon to view the enemy's skills and equipment).

Lost Rings Hack Basics trucos

Warrior - the human warrior waking up from an unknown place, relying on a strong body wielding a huge iron sword, embarks on a journey in pursuit of the powerful power of the ring. Your agile is far superior to the opponent, you have already taken action before the monster has reacted. Move the sword in the chessboard to eliminate it, then you can cause damage to the enemy. Click to open the enemy's equipment bar. Long press to view equipment capabilities.

enter cheat (gift codes):
upgrade trucos - PtltlxwNa
level up - 5sHoW6yvq
daily pack - enter pass jS0CF7T1p
admin account - cJRsgbFWc
Month Card x1 - cJRsgbFWc
booster pack - g5Y1zYJOi
evolve - wTr95OvlD
enhance - 0X6GAMJNW
The enemy is trapped by soul chain and cannot move freely. Solve him as soon as possible. Eliminate the element to get the corresponding value, eliminate more than four can take an additional action. Continue to eliminate the earth element, and only get enough element value to release the skill. Have obtained enough element values, release skills to attack the enemy. You have mastered the skills of fighting, next, defeat the enemy.

Lost Rings Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Monsters will drop all kinds of loot, use these items to strengthen themselves to deal with more powerful enemies. A skill drawing! Quickly put it in the backpack, and then you can unlock the skill and use it in the talent interface. Choose a random card to improve your basic attributes. Each attribute will bring different ability improvements.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: increase attributes, legendary equipment, gloves, shoes, jewelry, skin, arms, helmet, talents, blueprints, gold coins, gems
3. Select element cards to increase element attributes. The promotion of element attributes can improve many attributes.
4. The monster just dropped the equipment you can wear, you want to take a look in your backpack first. You can't wait to put on the gear to make yourself stronger. The equipment just obtained shines n the backpack.

Lost Rings Hack tools Version:


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