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Lost Ruins Atlantis Game story

Welcome! You're finally here, wy warrior. This place used to be the Atlantis Continent. It doesn't look good now, but everything's gonna be fine. Tap to clear the Nightmare Forest and bting back the prosperity it used to have! Look what you found! Ocean Flowers, Sea Elf Eggs and some open spaces. Let me teach you how to use them. I'll show you around Atlantis. There are 3 mysterious altars here. Drag the Seabed Altars to each other and they will be merged. Legend has it that the Ancient Altar is home to a kind of mysterious creature. You found the mysterious creatures at the seabed. They usually hide in the mysterious Sea Elf Eggs. Different Sea Elf Eggs hatch different Sea Elves.

Lost Ruins Atlantis Hack Basics trucos

Move and merge - Try and put 3 identical items together. They will be merged into 1 item of higher level. Here you can drag them anywhere you want. Now build a Lv.2 Mature Ocean Flower. Congratulations on getting the Mature Ocean Flower! It's an important source of Ocean's Hearts. Ocean's Hearts can cure the Dead Lands. Tap to see the goals needed to pass the stage. Achieve goals to pass stages. Sea Elves can collect items for you to use and merge. They can collect Ocean's Hearts from Ocean Flowers. You can tap the Ocean's Hearts to release the healing power. Superior Sea Elves has a more powerful body and Sea Spirit. There are no thorns here. We can use it as our base. The seabed is full of Nightmare Forests. We need more Sea Spirit to expel them. Merge Sea Elf Eggs to get more Sea Elves and Sea Spirit.

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With more Sea Elves, we can clear the Nightmare Forest. Every part of the Nightmare Forest requires a certain amount of Sea Spirit to wake. You can double-tap on some objects and let the Sea Elf collect new items! You can speed up by tapping on Sea Elf Cabin to make Sea Elf complete rest immediately. Does you want to spend gems to speed up sea efl's recovery? You can extra get 6 points of stamina. You need more Sea Spirit to perform activities! There be a lot of rewards from time-limited events, and even the legendary Sea Elves appear. From now on, you can choose rewards at the end of each stage! Usually there will be Gold and some species. There may be Sea Elf Eggs sometimes. Your rewards will be sent to the Magic Trophy Ball in the camp.

Lost Ruins Atlantis Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. If you want full of Stamina, then go to challenge the stage to get rewards! Stage treasure chest is unlocked through time.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Lost Ruins Atlantis cheat code - give: gems, stamina, speed up, treasure chest, jewels, super plan, auto collect, vip status, gold, sea coin, spirit, offline reward, starter pack
3. Enhancing equipment increases the stats of the equipment. Other equipment is used as enhancement material. Tap the equipment to enhance in the right inventory and try enhancing it! Tapping here shows help messages about the enhancement system. Enhancing equipment increases the stats of the equipment.
4. With higher wisdom, chance of finding emergency kits and card removal as a battle reward increases.
5. All stages except the boss stage will be available, so use it strategically!

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