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Lost Store use cheats
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Game story

The reasons why the world is doomed is unknowable. A year ago. I went to the out to a isolated forest with a trailer. Few months later the city was not the place i used to know. One day, i was standing with my mind blank with my trailer. Then someone came by and asked if i would sell the items i had. So i sold the items. That was the starting point. By chance, i saw you making a null face. You seemed like someone in trouble. You are the only storekeepere in this world. So, you need to sell the items in the storage. To earn profit, you need to sell cheap items at high price. First, go to your storage. Then, set the item's price and try selling it. Just so you know, if the price is too high, nobody will buy it. So, you need to sell it at a high price but a justifiable price, this might be your first time selling items so try your best.

Lost Store Hack Basics

When you press the selling item or the change item cost button in the storage, you'll see the cost changing tab. The weather will always change. It might sound silly, but weather are important. Imagine there's an epidemic. People will buy medicines even if it's expensive. Also, if the weather is too hot, people will buy expensive drinks. use your benefits. The items that fit the weather can be sold at a high price. Costumes have the ability to increase the money you get when you sell an item. Employees are people you need for making products. When you hire an employee...there should be a place for the workers to rest. To know further morem press build. If you hire workers, you can make them work or get a rent.

Hint & Tips

1. There are ranks for workers too. The stats of ranks of workers are different. Of course higher rank workers have better stats. Workers get paid automatically. Don't forget to register your units to the sleeping room and buildings.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: workers, research, supply, money, premium item, gold, level up, full version, credits, new location
3. The government is going to supply less food. If they decrease food supplies, the price will obviously go up. If you want more money, why don't you sell it later when it's more expensive? The people who wants food will be a bad new though.
4. If you level up, you can earn additional money and gold. Gold is still valuable in this ruined world. If you sell items, make items, and complete quests you will get experience points. The yellow bar at the top of your screen tells you the experience.
5. If you sell items that matches the weather, you'll easily be able to progress. It'll be hard to deal with all the weathers. Don't forget the research.

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Lost Store Redeem code - premium gift box

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