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Lost World Game story

In the meantime, why don't we explore the city? First, let's look for the things we need. Press the button that appears next to start exploring. The search will be done automatically. When the search is finished, the "View results" button will appear. Click on the button. If you have closed this screen, please tap the current location on the map again. When you finish exploring, you will get the items you picked up. Press the button to recieve your reward! Now, let's build a building. Tap the button that appears next. Tap the building that appears on the next screen! Then we'll build a building for you to live in.

To build a building, you need materials and money. So let's build a building! It shows you which materials are needed to build the building, so make sure you check that too! You can create weapons and armor from the items you use as materials. As your level increases, you will be able to perform higher level processing. If you search is successful, you will be able to see more of your surroundings. This may lead to the discovery of new buildings. Switch screens and go explore the next area! There are many briken buildings lining the street. The buildings are made of materials I've never seen before.

Lost World Hack Basics trucos

When you recieve your reward, tap the building in the lower right corner to make this. Use the blacksmith you just made to make this recipe. To work in the blacksmith shop, tap the icon area. Also you'll need materials and money to make recipes. There was a whirring sound of some kind of creature. Maybe there was a human being in the room, but there was something ominous about the sound. Let's try to make recipe you got. Tap the button on the bottom right to select a building. The recipe may be obtained when you clear an area for the first time. Once you have it, go to the blacksmith's shop and try to make things according to the recipe! Also, even if you follow the recipe exactly, the finished product will have different abilities. So, even if you make the same thing, you may end up with something with a different ability.

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Create Compounding recipe for Wooden sword If you have materials and money, you can make it.Inventory - you can equip yourself with all sorts of things here. From left to right, you can equip "weapons", "armor", and "accessories". But now only have weapons, so let's equip them first. Tap on the weapon. Here you can see what Alvin can equip. At the top, you can see whta you're currently equipped with, and at the bottom, what you can equip. If you want to see this explanation later, you can go to Settings\ Reminiscences in the upper right corner of the Adventure screen. I'll start from the top. If you tap the key-like symbol in the upper left corner, you won't be able to sell your equipment. You can unlock it by tapping it again. The symbol in the middle above indicates the type of equipment. Tap on it to see a description. Underneath is a picture of the card, its level, and its name. The higher the level, the stronger it will be, though not always.

Lost World Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Sometimes I can make what is called a "rare" product. And below the card, you can see its ability. If you don't understand an ability, tap it to see the explanation.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Lost World cheat code - give: gold, silver, equipment, weapon, materials, mounts, speed up, premium 360 days, artifact, founder pack, legendary chest, materials
3. In this game, the battle is automatically performed according to your equipment. You can change the speed of the battle by clicking the button on the bottom right.
4. You need to include a human in your party to give instructions to the monsters. If you do not include a human, you cannot go on an adventure. Also, if a human dies during the adventure, the adventure will fail. Keep this in mind when setting up your party.
5. Monster altar - This is an altar where you can make the monsters that follow you into your friends. These monsters can then be added to your party. Tap the icon on the monster altar you've created to bring the slime into the fold!

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