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Love & Pies Delicious Drama use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

I know it's a mess here, but i'm going to fix everything up. This used to be my home a long time ago - i'll make it home again. First, let's get cafe up and running again. Let's get baking! Grow apples to make pie! Tap 3 red apples to make pie! Tap 3 green apples to grow a yellow apple. Keep tapping groups of apples to make pie. Tap 5 to make extra apples. 7 or more - start a chain reaction. Earn star to help fix up the place.

Love & Pies Delicious Drama Hack Basics

Every pie we sell will help me repair the fire damage. And get me one step closer to finding mom. The fire report said this place was empty at the time. What if we make this cafe even better than it was before? The cafe was kind of run-down. Let's renovate it for when mom comes back. I will help by bring you new furniture. Then let's start renovating. More chairs and tables will bring more customers. Tap 3 slices to make a whole pie. Pies also make rolling pins. I'll sell pies to customers to make money - i might even get a chef to help me out. Get a new sign up to attract even more customers.

Hint & Tips

1. Feed the customers before you run out of moves.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: coins, unlimited lives, moves, gems, premium furniture, unlock rooms, decorate, pets, ingredients, stars, auto merge
3. Tap rolling pins to shuffle items and blast blocks. Combine rolling pins for bigger blasts.
4. When the tip jar is full, we cna collect it. Bigger jars take longer to fill.
5. Match next to coffe to fill the cups.

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