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Luna Discordia hack cheat code List

premium summon x10 - use hack zziMfMjRx
daily pack - enter pass RdF9oA9Ug
secret combination - J7K64ggSl
sunstones - r11Kn2XPE
booster pack - RctE7RysK
enhance - liTG5JyBn
Month Card x1 - 5HMWQnOQf
level up - ef87YDbzM
reforge - em2TFy6wl
promote - iDdpgrrc7
daily gift bag x10 - xctEtSUor
awaken - GNcj8Otfp
premium rewards - qpmZhhR8N
luna pass - wszEUebBH
upgrade - IECwtRMfl
mission pass - TExvdrWiI
voucher - mZqqte2R5
codex - YzcQP1yW8
gold - GqYkKW9TL
5 stars hero - F6Ve67ow7
diamonds - 6CKQws9bJ
energy - FIKAqyrze

Luna Discordia use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

Darkness has once again covered the land. How could this be? The war ended twenty years ago. The end of days is coming to Dia! Inoria kingdom's destruction is imminents. Your zone magic can create a sancutary! Now that we have a safe haven, we can plan our next steps. Let's try and use our dimensional powers to call for some help - use premium summon! Now that we got some help, let's setup our team. With our team setup, it is time to tackle our foe. Many heroes will join you throughout your journey. Heroes vary in strength, and some are stronger than others. By dismissing heroes you don't need, you can gain sunstones, which is an important resource for hero growth. Sunstones can be used to increase a character's skill level.

Luna Discordia Hack Basics

You are probably disoriented from the dimensional jump, let's learn how to fight against enemies. Your heroes will automatically attack the enemy with their auto attack. Each hero's skill gauge will fill over time, which allow them to utilize powerful skills. When the mana gauge is full, you can unleash skills upon your enemy. The skill button can be slid upwards to invoke an even more powerful effects. You will find pieces of gear throughout your adventure. Try and equip your heroes with better gear. Once you have picked up some gear, you can make them stronger through enhancement. You can use unwanted gear as material for enhancement. Now that we have some gear, we can cut down foes more easily.

Hint & Tips

1.As each piece of gear is enhanced further, they become stronger and gain extra enchantments, up to a total of 4.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: premium summon x10, sunstones, enhance, reforge, promote, awaken, premium rewards, luna pass, mission pass, voucher, codex, gold, 5 stars hero, diamonds, energy
3. If you have duplicate copies of a hero, you can boost that hero. Boosting makes heroes stronger, while also increasing the maximum skill level.

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Luna Discordia Redeem code - premium gift box

1. DPHyVgejGJuKoH7
3. wqraY6hELPKhHxd
4. I0easSBU6Mmz1h1
5. jFXDKyBnHFochaz
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