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SSR hero - use hack 4LnzcFBuC
daily pack - enter pass cDCiuQyVD
secret combination - zWcydWBBk
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booster pack - E5bvR1nal
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Month Card x1 - EnP3rpAwh
level up - PMIdOiG6I
10x summon - jOVvovzXd
friendship points - VmMfwGHsk
daily gift bag x10 - XrgCO1AMn
silver - IuEB6B19d
stamina - fAy3W6y1Z
jade - e2KmmovCh
upgrade - 6ET6EsfSC
Baby Nana - qCqDQgSAT

Luna Storia Three Kingdoms use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

On and on the great river rolls, racing east. Of proud and gallant heroes its white-tops leave no trace, as right and wrong, pride and fall turn all at once unreal. Yet ever the green hill stay, to balze in the west - waning day. Fishers and woodmen comb the river side, white crowned, they're seen enough for spring and autumn tide. To make good company over the wine jar, where many a famed event, provide their merriment. Please use the magic orbs and let's work together to defeat enemy! Since i am a blue type, i'll get an additional bonus for my attack with blue orbs. Tap to activate orbs and attack. Activating apt troops, blue orbs, for a stronger attack. When you tap on an orb, other orbs of the same color around the selected orb will also be activated! The more orbs you can activate at the same time, the greater the bonus effect will be!

Luna Storia Three Kingdoms Hack Basics

After you have triggered the Blue orb, the heart orbs are now connected together! Although you won't be able to attack by triggering Heart orbs, you will be able to recover. Not only that, the current criteria to create ultimate orb is to activate 7 or more of any orb in a string! When you create an ultimate orb, simply tap on it during the following turn and i'll be able to use my ultimate skill. Tap on any orb along the string of connected orbs to create the ultimate orb at the position you've selected! In addition to activating ultimate skills, ultimate orbs will also force activate all surrounding orbs, regardless of their type. This makes the positioning of the ultimate orb very strategic. By the way, apart from relying on ultimate orb to increase your morale, it will also increase when you are attacked! Once morale reaches 100 or more, you'll be able to activate ultimate skill and the higher your morale is when you activate the skill, the more powerful it is.

Hint & Tips

1.You can drag any orb you choose, and use it to nudge and move any other orb on the board. You'll have to drag them to the desired location within the time limit; if you take too much time, the orb will activate!
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: SSR hero, welcome pack, gems, 10x summon, friendship points, silver, stamina, jade, Baby Nana
3. Military exercise is the place i mentioned earlier. This is the best place to find invigorator for different factions; you can use these elixirs to increase the strength of your generals!
4. Master, may i remind you once again that if you still have empty spots in your team formation, be sure to add the general you have just received to your team before starting a battle. Simply tap teams to make changes to your current formation! Your odds of winning in battles will increase dramatically by deploying as many outstanding generals in your team as possible.
5. You can drag the desired general to the lead general area to have that general lead your troops in battle! Dragging a general to the regent area means that general will not be in combat, but you can use their assist skills.

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