Cheats hack Luna Storia RE code:evolution, reclaim, star up, legendary equipment, increase stas, shards, general summoning Luna Storia RE Hack tools gift voucher codes game bug android, ios.

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Luna Storia RE hack cheat code List

evolution - use esdrWvTHM
reclaim - TjHRDKxK2
secret combination - kV7sHyTd0
legendary equipment - rsvYqFUct
double rewards - 21oiTSIQN
increase stas - NZJTZuHDJ
shards - e08UfpCMf
general summoning - QKtSWOpcZ
friendship points - Mtnwd7Bc6
admin panel - MWoi5hryP
unlimited rerolls - HPYmcRTos
star up - use 3CKc3YK7P
skinsgems - t3SqJsVPe
materials - use xLU6oRwvO
monthly package vii - aUgJs9laN

Luna Storia RE use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

Forbidden Enslave curse a spell to summon powerful spirits. Spirits for good or evil? The world coalition, under your manipulation, is wrapped in false righteousness. We will stop it. There is nothing the holy alchemy guild cannot achieve. Even this impenetrable dungeon can be broken by a drop of water. The commotion caused by 'Enslave Curse' is spreading, and a large number of troops have been dispatched away, leaving the defenses of this dungeon quite weak. I will need a bit of time to recover my mana. Allow me to remind myself. Up, down, left, right points to the direction of the physical attack. Now drag me over and defeat the guards.

Luna Storia RE Hack Basics trucos

Drag hero over and obtain the effects of the magic tome, which is reduce cooldown of ultimate skill to 0. We just obtained some mana. Now is a good time to train and level up archimedes. I found gear which archimedes can use! I have marked the important items with a red exclamation mark. Tap auto equip to equip gear. We can use combo arrows now! Attacking the same target as your allies will result in a combo bonus.

enter cheat (Luna Storia RE gift codes):
upgrade trucos - x1BNdrEDR
level up - CBpDOMUVp
daily pack - enter pass sxoyqtJLN
admin account - ebmomfboY
Month Card x1 - sXldTACrG
booster pack - 5VKxURYQM
evolve - qCZ6Q2DBR
enhance - y5iFSr2Na
Even if you can't combi attack, you will still attack. Each flag represents one move. These pets are in my attack range! Double tap hero and watch attack from the same tile. Having the right element will increase your damage, or decrease the damage taken. Be aware of your strength and weaknesses. Be sure to take advantage of the elements to defeat your enemies with ease.

Luna Storia RE Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Be careful, areas marked with red is where the monster will use its ultimate skill.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: evolution, reclaim, star up, legendary equipment, increase stas, shards, general summoning, friendship points, unlimited rerolls, gems, materials, gold coins, monthly package vii
3. The flags on top left show how many moves you have left for this round. Of course, the same hero cannot move more then once. Being able to move twice means more opportunities of combining our attacks. If you want to attack from the same location, just tap twice on that hero. Tap the heroes portrait to add to team. Long press the hero to view details or enhance hero.
4. Hero summon - this is the commanders special summon pool! If you are not satisfied with the result, you can summon again! Give it a try, but beware, there is a limit to how many times you can re-summon.
5. Newcomer mission given to us be the commander. There are three rounds of missions. Completing each round will grant tons of gems as a reward.

Luna Storia RE Hack tools Version:


Luna Storia RE Redeem code - premium gift box 2021

1. M4AWk1iqCWFRpZc
2. tYDxZomx3VuKOOD
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5. RInYsnXfNfIpdjQ
6. SAJ1Qd8oXVWqK0t
7. Ps7ob1f3OqanZSE
8. VcoShFCUJKRUlk1
9. MdsVEYB0QpH3Obu
10. rlnHqO9UsVP9NsH
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