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Game story

Until i met him - the man that changed my life. He gave me food and clothing, trained me into a shrewd and cruel person. There is only one rule in this world - eat or be eaten. Behind the darkness, you find the light. The more time passes, the less i can tell which i am. I only know that since that man left, i've grown more powerful. The throne that was paved with blood and money, now belongs to me. It's time to return to where o wish born - Milosh city. Work is more important. I've got to build a position and establish a foundation in Milosh city as soon as possible. The top priority is to quickly improve your political position. I need you to find me a competent secretary to assist me during the day.

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If you want a piece of the pie, you can't go without manpower. Arraging suitable accommodation for your subordinates will encourage more people to seek your employ. It's not enough just to have sufficient manpower, you'll also have to expand your financial power. The data report shows that the city has a large retail market, build a department store to take advantage of this fact. Send an engineering team to do it immediately. Considering the large number of finds required to develop a city, it seems unlikely that we'll be able to achieve our goals in the short term by relying on commerce alone, is there a faster way?

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You can also issue tax documents in your mansion to obtain more funds through Levy. However, constantly levying taxes will cause public unrest. Wehn taxation reaches a certain level, you'll have to wait a while before levying taxes again! increase the VIP level, you can increase the maximum number of Levy. Through the riots have been handled, the city is still in panic. We'll have to upgrade our law enforcement to maitain law and order. This will prevent further riots and improve public order. Let's take a look at the police station.

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1. The highest the city's security, the harder it will be for a riot to take root. However, it's inevitable for some dissident voices to arise in anywhere with a significant population. As such, public order decreases over time.
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3. The higher the population, the faster public order will decrease. Public security can be maintained by upgrading police equipment. Let's start by purchasing a batch of helmets to improve the city's security.
4. When your reputation and tax revenue reaches certain levels, the government will take note and promote you, granting you greater power and status.

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