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Mafia And Puzzles Game story

That day, my father, the godfather of the Field Family, was assassinated by a traitor. To see my father one last time, I went back to the place where I was born - Morel. I returned to punish the one who murdered my father, yet all I can see here is a big mess. In this corrupt city, the police work only when they're paid. So I'm afraid that well have to find out the perpetrator ourselves. The competing crime syndicates are also trying to get a slice of the cake. Therefore, I hope we can take over the family and lead us out of our current predicament. Mr. Field appointed you as his successor in the will. You're the only one who's qualified to manage the family business at the moment. My instinct tells me that my family is caught in a large conspiracy. I must find the murderer and avenge my father!

Mafia And Puzzles Hack Basics trucos

Match 4 tiles to create a Lighter. Tap to use the Lighter. Kill all remaining enemies! Match 5 tiles to create a Grenade. As the balance of power shifts, our family lost most of our territories. As you can see, we lost most our territories. And the Janos Family is waging a war against us in league with other forces. Territory is the foundation of the family. Only by recapturing the territory can we reign over Morel again. Taking back the land requires more manpower. I happen to know two people suitable for the job. They're now waiting for you in the Bar.

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The buildings in the HQ can provide stable support to our cause. Now let's build a casino first! Casino - It produces cash and increases HQ cash capacity. Use the trophies obtained during recapture to improve your heroes strength. When a hero reaches tne max level, the Boost function will be available. The Workshop is open - this is where you can upgade your equipment! Stat efficiency increases as season level goes up. Mystery stage - You can change the stage by using badges.

Mafia And Puzzles Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Equipment cards cannot be upgraded during a game. After I equipped a [Rare] equipment, I received an equipment card as a reward!
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Mafia And Puzzles cheat code - give: deluxe recruit x10, action point AP, legendary hero, speed up, boost, gold, cash, resources, starter pack, enhance, off ads, premium crate, gift box, vip status
3. Equipped item can be used as a card in a game. You can obtain 1 card per game as a stage reward and combination of character card and snack makes it even better!
4. The higher the equipment grade, the stronger it gets! Equipment cards can be received at any time, and you can skip it freely. From now on, use equipment cards to overcome difficulties!
5. Character stat balance has been modified. [Strengtgh]
Original -> Increases all single card damage by 1 per 2 strength stats.
Changed -> Increases all single card damage by 1 per "1" strength stat.
Original -> Increases damage of all consecutive card damage by 1 per 5 strength stats.
Changed -> Increases damage of all consecutive card damage by 1 per "3" strength stats.

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