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Mafia Life Game story

2055 A.D. A sudden disaster swept through the world. Civilization was on the verge of extinction. After the disaster, the survivors came together and rekindled the fire of civilization. However, rebuilding a civilization was no easy feat. In the wasteland of the civilization, chaos replaced order, and countless gangs were established. The ones at the top had wealth, men, and power. The lower rungs only had hunger and death.

The roar of machine guns echoed in our ears, and Reid and I cautiously looked out the window of the bar. It's dangerous here, what should we do? Go out now your dead, go in the direction of the corridor, and find a place to hide first. As soon as Rhett's voice fell, there was a violent sound of firearms firing from the corner not far in front, and the sound of screaming from time to time. I hastily greeted Reid and held my breath while curling in on myself. I quiety hid in the corner. Just then, a man dressed in all black ran towards us. After a few steps, he collapsed in front of me. He was out cold. The man was holding a black security briefcase that slid towards me during his collapse.

Mafia Life Hack Basics trucos

Although we have men and supplied, but it's not the time for a head-on conflict with Carson. We need to make more preparations. We can go to West Street to try out luck, that place is special, maybe we can find something good. Exploring will help you find more equipment, meet new members and event meet new lovers. This area is the territory of West Street. If you are lucky, you can find useful things. It is also a romantic meeting place. Let's scroll around. First pay the protection fee for this month. Leaving West Street seeing that it was getting late everyone left only Will stayed.

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Boss, near the commercial street is the real good place. As long as you have the ability, you can gain both fame and wealth. But that place entrenched by various forces, and it is very dangerous place. Challenging the commarcial street chapter, you can enhance the development of the plot, and you will have more chances to obtain exclusive cards of the opposite sex. As soon as we reached the periphery of the commercial street, we heard a intensive burst of gunfire from a distance. Completing each chapter you can enhance the development of the plot and gain various rewards.

Mafia Life Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. In the residential area, you can visit the villa and the lover's community, date and communicate with the opposite sex, increase relationships status, and raise children.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Mafia Life cheat code - give: stamina, free vip store, companion, influence, martial, wisdom, prestige, charisma, resources, money, legendary members, charm
3. Reach lover level 20 and intimacy level 100 to enable marriage. Related feature will be enabled after getting married. After getting married at the vills, it will show the status of your partner, children and relationships with your partner.
4. The headquarters can handle family affairs, check the ranking, and challenge players and NPC forses. The family affairs will be updated every once in a while, remember to check it in time.
5. The number of governmental orders determines the number of affairs that can be handled every day. Family affairs are submitted every day. I will take you to see the members of the family. Here you can view the members of the family. Each member has his own direction. Recruiting as many members as possible in the key to a building a strong family!
6. Money can be spend on educating family members. The quality attributes of family members will affect the income of the casino, the power of the family and the number of people we can command. Training family members can increase operating income and increase the number of people you can recruit.
7. Characters:
Will Evans - A veteran who fought a war and was discharged due to a wounded left leg. He did not recieve the treatment he deserved and lived a miserable life. He became my personal bodyguard after encounter with me.
Reid Freeman - A righteous friend of the slums. He is physically weak and does not excel at fighting. However, he is extremely intelligent and owns a casino. He is the Mafia's source of income and wisdom.
Jeremiah - The son of wealthy businessman, Kyle. He is handsome and dignified. Well-educated and a social butterfly. I rescued him when his father offended the local mafia head, Vern. Since then, he has become smitten with me.
Joshua - A notorious lawyer in Rise City. He often defends the mafia and hence his bad reputation. He earns a good income, is always seen in suits and going to high-end clubs

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