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materials - use UJa0Q4JI0
speed up - SPQ15Udfj
secret combination - IxHWWzDQ1
unlimited energy - eu9tsIwrx
double rewards - VNxQMR7uH
resources - Zgj2o7QDr
off ads - NPf0qaO4T
unlock territory - VAjm14zVL
treasure chest - puYhvjTum
admin panel - gcg3Ap4j5
secret location - ECxkuold1
premium buildings - use NHXq8tABT
skins - pjqLttQUT

Magic Odyssey use cheats
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Game story

Once upon a time, Archmage Mirrel helped the kingdom of Ellya. One day, he found a mysterious artifact and absorbed its power, trying to become even more powerful. This put a seed of darkness into his soul. Since then, Mirrel changed. All of his magic began to bring evil and destruction. Eventually, the king of Ellya ordered te council of mages to expect Mirrel to a distant dimension. Mirrel managed to conquer the entire dimension, and now he's back. Seeking revenge he summoned an army of dark forces that destroyed the kingdom of Ellya and stole a mighty royal artifact - an Iridescent crystal. To retrieve the crystal and destroy the dark magician, Elena, a talented magician, and the brave knight Ryan, are sent to the dark magicians dimension. But will they be able to succeed?

Magic Odyssey Hack Basics trucos

Finally, we've entered the dimension of the Dark magician. He'll soon pay the price for turning our kingdom into ruins. First we should look around and set up camp. Let's check what might be hiding behind this bush. Look at this! What a huge boar. We have to defeat it, before we can build our camp. Battle: combine 3 chips or more of the required color horizontally or vertically to power up the hero. The number of chips required is indicated next to the chip. The enemy turn- on each successful turn, your enemy takes energy from you. Every successful move you make takes energy from your enemy.

enter cheat (gift codes):
upgrade trucos - euI68CduC
level up - 6ciAcLMBa
daily pack - enter pass s5yH9l2vO
admin account - Al7LT5Wsx
Month Card x1 - GhRrgMmho
booster pack - I5DlnM9ly
evolve - 3Y2ZlXu0y
enhance - jGZQBfocy
Perfect! We've cleared a place we can use, and won a battle with a great boar! Now, let's build our camp. This forest is clearly a magical place. And i'm sure our path must take us through it! Huge wolf is blocking our path. We have no choice to fight him! we need water, to produce it, click on the tent. Water can be made from the collected grass. Drag grass leaves to the right, into a cell with a water icon to make water.

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1. The treacherous Dark Magician has discovered a mysterious artifact. He quickly absorbed its energy, becoming even more powerful and planting the seed of darkness into his soul. If he is not stopped, he will destroy the entire world.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: materials, speed up, unlimited energy, unlock territory, treasure chest, secret location, premium buildings, skins
3. Help enchanted creatures to complete their quest, and earn a worthy reward. Fight an army of forbidding creatures sent by the Dark Magician.

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