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Magic Revenge Raid Legends Game story

The chosen one, we summoned you. We need your help, please help us fight the evil. Let me show you around then. First af all, here comas the Summon Alter where you can summon powerful heroes. A basic summon costs a Summon Book, grants a low-quality hero. Give it a try, it's on us this time around. You can also use Senior Summon Book, guarantees a higher quality hero. Let's try senior summon, this time it will be free. You should have learned how to summon hero already. Let's start the adventure. Step into this outer world gate, you can explore the world outside.

Magic Revenge Raid Legends Hack Basics trucos

Let's set up the hero line-up before we begin fighting. Tap the heroes' avatar then they will fight for you. Ready, let's do it. Well done, you nailed it, back to the hero summon, except through Summon Alter, you can also get heroes from fusing shards. When you collect enough hero shards for a specific hero, you can summon him by fusing the shards. Now tap the hero to finish the summon. You can send those heroes who were seriously injured in the war to shelter and leave them to rest. In return, they will provide Orb of Exp, which is important material to improve the abilities of heroes. Choose the heroes to be dismissed.

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upgrade trucos - iL7TLiOCj
level up code - quYtVh9UT
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Now, let's upgrade the hero. Tap hero to finish a upgrade. Good job, tap to upgrade one more level. The upgraded heroes can become stronger so that they can endure in the battle. Great, let's do it one last time. Let's equip your heroes, tap the auto equip button to give a weapon to her. Now, this hero is getting stronger. We're ready! We can now continue the exploration. Let's continue the journey. The longer the battle time is, the more resources you can get. Tap here to claim your resources. Look out, danger ahead, ready to fight. Tap the heroes' avatar si dispatch the heroes. The front-line heroes tend to take more damages, drag this big guy to the front-line. Drag the hero to swap positions.

Magic Revenge Raid Legends Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Quality of equipment is from low to high, white, green, blur, purple, orange, red.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Magic Revenge Raid Legends cheat code - give: advanced summon, friendship points, gems, shards, legendary hero, orb of EXP, equipment, fuse, resources, monthly pack, vip status, free shop, refresh, runes, skin package, keys, treasure of adventure, gold coins
3. We found more treasures, tap to claim auto-battle rewards. Let the heroes do the exploration, while we return to check our resources.
4. Tap Mail to claim your daily login reward, remember to claim it every day. During the event period, login daily to get the following rewards. See attachment for rewards. Although resources are limited, you can still get rare items in the market.
5. Remember to upgrade your hero often, the chosen one. Tap my avatar on the bottom left corner when you are confused, I'll help you out. Good luck.
6. Tap the heroes' avatar then they will fight for you.
7. You can spend Orb of Ascensiom to ascend heroes, unlock passive skill.
8. The powerful alliance runes can make you stand out in battles!
9. Faction restrain can increase 15% hit and deal 30% more damage.
10. Skills: Crushing Strike - Deals 100% damage to enemies in the back line while reducing armor by 18% for 2 rounds. Bleed - Basic attack has a 50% chance to make the target bleed, and deals 40% damage per round for 2 rounds.
11. The Titan unlocks at lv.70, it can greatly enhance the power of your team and release special skill.

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