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Magic & Sanctuary Game story

Legend has it that on the "Blood Moon" night, the Black Witch Medea, who was once supressed by the White Witches, will break the seal and resurrect. To help Medea lift the seal, the other Black Witches did a lot of damage to her, and found her sacrificial offerings. The world was devastated. In order to stop Medea from resurrecting, the surviving White Witches called on the warriors and witch hunters to start a battle with the Black Witches. As the battle began, more and more heroes and civilians were injured or infected with diseases, the whole world is under the shadow of Media's resurrect. Faced with many injuries, you made a decision to rebuild the sanctuary, where you can protect civilians and treat injured heroes.

Magic & Sanctuary Hack Basics trucos

Tap "Management" to view the details about facilities in the sanctuary. Only when the "Magic Circle" is built can the patients be healed. We've built the Magic Circle to heal the patients. Now, let's start treating them. Let's go confirm what disease this patient is suffering from and how he feels. Tap "Learn" to learn the treatment methods of the disease - fever. There are still many injured civilians outside the shelter who don't know that they can get treated here. Let's go out to have a look. Tap "Advertise". Tap on the passing patients. Earn Gold to build more healing facilities. It's all on you now. Tap on my avatar bottom right corner, and I'll tell you what to do. Tap to view the main quests. Tap "Go" to build Magic Circle II.

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Find More Patients - Get Income - Medicine Field Expansion, Upgrade the buildings, Improve satisfaction. Follow Andrea and complete quests to get rich rewards. You can tap the acceleration button below to speed up the time and income. Give it a try! Tap "Magic Bottle" to speed up. Income x2 - Get 600 secs of increased income, doubling income during that time. Free - Stack up to 30 minutes, cure diseases, sell herbs, sell alchemy potions, doubling income during that time. After tapping the button, the income from treating patients can be doubled. Withdraw from piggy - Watch a short ad to double the piggy bank income! The piggy bank income continues to increase when you're offline.

Magic & Sanctuary Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Every idol graduates and leaves the group eventually. You can ask her when she's planning to graduate, or accelerate her graduation.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Magic & Sanctuary cheat code - give: cash box, coins, speed up, promotion, disease, staff, unlock heroes, customize, starter pack, offline rewards, vip status, materials, hearts
3. It's best to begin every working relationship by getting to know the other person. Let's engage in some casual conversation with this idol.
4. You can't run everything yourself! ldols need to be coached, and you need staffers to help with sales and production tasks. Let's go and hire some!

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