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Game story

Welcome! I'm Vin, fourteen time champion and your new patron - and you are going to be our next star. Star of what you ask? Why, the greatest magical sports competition in the Multiverse. Even now, the famous Planeswalkers Chandra and Gideon are here locked in epic battle. And now it's time for me to show you the action. Gideon is about to attack with his creatures. Creatures do damage equal to their power. Gideon amps it up with his special, lead the charge.

Magic Spellslingers Hack Basics trucos

Creatures block damage using their health. Unblocked damage goes straight to your Planeswalker's health. Chandra's about to take a hit if you don't help her out! Drag those creatures and block, block, block! Tap on Jace to see his Planeswalker special. Multoverse mind - 20 mana, activate: charge the cost of each card in your deck to 1, then draw a card. Reduce this cost by 1 each time you draw a card.

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Splash of color - your deck can have up to 6 cards of a second color. Can be used once during each of your turns. Let's get you set up - here's all the core cards you'll need to get in there and show them how it's done. Keys - use this to unlock a new units. Collect cards to earn another. Win by reducing your opponent's health to 0. Each turn your land gives you a mana gem. use mana to play cards.

Magic Spellslingers Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Creatures can't attack the turn they're summoned. Swipe up to prepare a creature, then hit attack. Cards can be played after attacking.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Magic Spellslingers cheat code - give: premium pack, legendary card, new recruit bundle, gems, gold, color lands, mythic rang, weekly chest, keys, resources, unlock heroes
3. Learning what different creatures do is the key to success.Units with haste, can attack on the turn they're summoned.

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