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gear - use X4xv5jqJO
promote - Kt942KM4O
secret combination - QuaT92gNs
coins - oBZTwf0Gm
double rewards - 5yYYZdNfX
increase stats - 0e5LZk9zW
legendary hero - gG6Vlw5Pa
mythic unit - s7zlUoEdC
summon x10 - FLiXGBSh4
friendship points - ielYEwjXn
admin panel - 725xQXVhN
deluxe monthly card - isp5DzCWD
diamonds - lm4GUiGTp
gold dust - OT19wMhxe

Magic Summon use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

Thousands of years ago, on the land of Healsta, the 4 factions governed their own territories. However, the original demon born from the infinity Vacancy, Scar, invaded into Healsta. Fear, despair, the shadow of death had covered the land entirely. t this critical moment, the scattering four factions finally gathered together. And the unbreakable Healsta Allied force will defend pur home from the original demon with no doubt. At the dimensional fissure, ocean Dominic Sailas leads his demonic legion, intruding the Healsta...4 faction leaders are united and prepared for the Big combat. The big combat ends by Sailas' victory. Demonic legion enter the land of healsta from dimensional fissure. Brave 4 faction heroes never surrender or give up their home. Now their will be a persistent big war. No more time for hesitation! We have to hurry in order to reach the battlefield.

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I am Merlin, the crystal magician. Let's fight against the Demons in front together. Please arrange me at the middle of the back row to show my ability better under well protection. Valkyrie is a well known assassin in allied force who can deal huge damage to the enemies in the back row. Tap level up to raise hero ability. Help them to breakthrough in order to learn the new skill. Tap equip all to equipping some gears. Light charmer possesses several physic skills, which need corresponding psychic to active.

enter cheat (gift codes):
upgrade trucos - TXOAPp7MB
level up - gfaQv8DiV
daily pack - enter pass 1BxCZArt7
admin account - 9bbyg8NTj
Month Card x1 - XwVrF8jhH
booster pack - VJjrZsQJn
evolve - hy14l4aba
enhance - vNaU8UMVw
Let's choose burst which is actived by Hector, to have a insight. Remember, unused heroes can be refired and you can gain extra materials. Only common units are able to refire. If you reset a character, you will get the initial hero, all gear worn, and all coins, hero experience and gold dust cost to raise the unit's level back. Brave adventurer, we will be faced with more obstructs and difficulties, please focus on our journey of exploration. Certain quests are unlocked during the 5 day newbie camp. Complete all quests before the ened of the event to collect all rewards.

Magic Summon Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Boost: increases the stats of all heroes in formation when 3 heroes of the same faction and 2 heroes of another factions are used together.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: gear, promote, coins, increase stats, legendary hero, mythic unit, summon x10, friendship points, deluxe monthly card, diamonds, gold dust
3. When you get a new hero, your can get gallery - unlock rewards in this hero's story.
4. Most of summoned units will keep fighting even after their summoner is killed.
5. Siren\s Mermaid never stops singing requiem even if Siren was killed, until the duration ends.

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