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Game story

Now that the blood moon reoccurs, the gate of hell is open and the demon army is invading the Empire's capital city! Please lead us to defeat the demon and defend the imperial city. The campfire not far ahead is the base camp of our army. You can receive some free replenishments that will be advantageous for your exploration and battle later on. Please go ahead to retrieve them. Each building is linked to an event. Don't miss them in your exploration. The empire is at a critical point of life and death. We must head out to defend the imperial city now.

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My courageous lord, the citizens are coming to worship you, hoping that you can take over this castle and lead them to resist the demons. This city has long been bathed in the fire of war, with most buildings being turned to dust. Lets start with capital and rebuild the castle. Capital can not only unlock level limit of other buildings, but also levy gold for free. Higher building level means more gold from levying.

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Legend says there are 12 rare accessories scattered across the world. They possess endless power and magic that can easily chase away demons. Skull crusher has reached star 1. Its attributes have greatly increased! All deployed mercenaries will enjoy this stats bonus. We need to collect 12 accessories to defeat the demon! The rest 11 accessories are scattered over stages of campaign. Rumor has it that the second treasure - excalibur is hiden in the campaign chapter II. We need to recruit troops to improve our strength, so that we can get the treasure. Let's verify our strength by clearing main quest 4-3 in exploration.

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1. When you're gone, the heroes can lead mercenaries to automatically explore, pick up rewards and challenge Wild mons ters. Stages of higher difficulty level contains more rewards. Challenge the boss to boost idle gaining.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: enhancement, materials, rank up, artifact, accessories, advanced purchase, legendary mercenary, essence, shards, gold, breakout stone, SSR hero, purple rarity tome, rune, ascension stone, star up
3. We have obtained mercenary ascension stone in the exploration. The elders in the academy reckons that this type of magical stone can improve power of mercenaries dramatically. Mercenaries need to reach a certain level to upgrade rank. A hero can be upgraded from rank +0 to rank +1 after level 3, and the attributes of the mercenary will be boosted dramatically.
4. By ascension, you can not only boost basic attributes of the mercenary. Powerful special skill will also be activated after tier +2. Do collect more mercenary ascension stones in exploration. In exploration, main quests cna help the Lords to improve power quickly and defeat demons easily. Go claim the bountiful quest rewards now.

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