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food - jgfONcBC6
daily gift bag x10 - AaVviU2Fj
upgrade - W7sN6Cc0j
culture - uew8lsjmu
settler - pqwKJEmcO
general - 50231isS4
free version - mw0bukSLL

Marble Age Remastered use cheats
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Game story

Outlying tribes decided to found a new city together - Athens. They decided to base it on the values of democracy, peace, and culture. There will be many enemies, and our army will be small. Thus, we will need many allies. It is the center of your settlement. People here produce a bit of gold, culture and production. Right now we need food. To grow the population, sent a few workers to produce food. Press 'end of turn' every time once you finish distributing the tasks. The turn will change, the workers will produce more resources, new events will happen. Tech tree - here you can spend culture points on upgrades and new knowledge. Technologies give us new possibilities, unlock new buildings, or upgrade some things.

Marble Age Remastered Hack Basics

Building tree - here you can spend production points to build something. Buildings create more workspaces or give bonuses. But buildings also require gold for maintenance. World map - this is a map of surrounding lands. Here you can explore new territories, some of them you will be able to colonize. New lands increase the growth of resources. Your settlements automatically generates scouts. Scouts explore new lands. Food is you main resource. Without it the polis can't grow. Keep the population growth on maximu, but don't forget about the population limit. To increase the limit, build houses and wells.

Hint & Tips

1.Your neighbors - independent cities, completing with your for power. You can befriend them, trade with them or fight them. Keep in mind that your enemies can form alliances with each other.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: population, efficiency +300%, culture points, production points, food, culture, settler, general, free version
3. The polis is developing, and due to it you automatically received one settler. You can send settlers to new lands in order to establish new loyal colonies.
4. prepare for the attack, learn the physical training tech and train your army. Even better if you will form an alliance with Sparta and will unite Attica before the enemies will show up.

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