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MARVEL Future Revolution Game story

Move the hero with your left hand. Drag across the screen with your right hand to change the camera angle. I care about our mission. Which you almost blew. So pull yourself together and head to the meeting point. Point A clear. Moving to point B. I need to claer out the front area first. Antimatter bomb located. Moving onto the next. You heroes seem to have missed the point. AIM has designed our salvation! If one world must die so that we can live, so be it! You shoul be thankful we are willing to get our hands dirty. Your device is overheating. Enabling settings optimization.

MARVEL Future Revolution Hack Basics trucos

Characters: Captain America - Steve Rogers was chosen to be Captain America in the super soldier program. With his tenaciousness and leadership, he eventually became a living legend and a symbol of freedom.
Captain Marvel - Carol Danvers was infused with great power from energy explosion and became Captain Marvel. She is the protector of the galaxy and a member of the Avengers.
Spider-Man - After being bitten by a radioactive spider, Peter Parker gained superhuman strength and agility. After a costly mistake, he vowed to use his powers and protect people as Spider-Man.
Black Widow - Natasha Romanoff is the best spy in the world. She is a member of the Avengers an d an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Iron Man -Tony Stark wears high-tech Iron Man suit to protect the world from potential threats.
Doctor Strange - Stephen Strange uses his magic powers to protect Earth from any inter-dimensional threats.
Star-Lord - Peter Jaso Quill, better-known as Star-Lord, "protects" the galaxy as the leader of the Guardians of Galaxy.
Storm - Ororo Munroe, also known as a Storm, is a descendant of an ancient line of African priestesses, mutagenically imbued with the ability to manipulate elemental forces of weather.

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Inventory - We all need a place to keep our stuff, right? Well, here's yours. Space is limited, so you probably shouldn't go buyin' every item you come across. But I can help you make more room. Here, check this out...See this? It's wastin' space you could be usin' for better gear. You can recycle the items you don't want to clear extra room. Go on, give it to me. I promise you ain't gonna need it. While we're at it, you might as well get rid of'em all. I'll dismantle'em and give you back any useful pieces.

Powerful items were scattered across the Primary Earth during the Convergence. Omega Flight records and categorized those items as you find them. This is where you can keep track of what you've managed to collect. Let's take a look at Costumes, shall we? As you can see, the collected items are all managed as groups. That makes it easy to see exactly which pieces you've found so far. Once you collect anitem, it's recorded here automatically. Collecting items can earn points to help increase your Squad Rank. Keep going. You've only just begun to discover all of the secrets on this world!

MARVEL Future Revolution Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Drag across the empty screen to change the camera angle. Control a hero's flight altitude by moving the screen up and down while flying.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter MARVEL Future Revolution cheat code - give: crystal, gold, omega future membership, monthly costume bundle, alliance loyalty, 4 stars marvel studios' avengers endgame costume bundle, xandearth omega card set bundle, core deluxe, draw x10, dimension box, rank up, tokens, gateway ticket, hero slot, enhance.
3. Tap the jump button twice consecutively to move with Web Swing.
4. Omega Flight HQ - This is where we gather and manage information from every dimension to help us prevent another Convergence. We'll be providing you the support you need to complete your missions. Your missions in progress will be displayed here. Here's an automated solution to help you complete your missions.
5. Hack menu - Wanna check on your current status and equip some gear? Here's where to do it. You'll find information on your Squad Rank, level and combat stats. You can change your costume here. Better costumes make you stronger. Equip battle Badges here, but keep an eye on their level limits. Too complicated? This button will select your best gear for you.
6. Skill- Seriously? Do I have to explain everything to you? Ok, fine...Obviously, you can do a lot more than just punch and kick and shoot. You wanna get stronger? You gotta work hard and build your skills. How you use that power once you get it is totally up to you. Once you pick the skills you wanna use, you can register'em here. Think hard before makin'a decision. If you wanna survive, that is...
7. Your Squad Rank determines your status within Omega Flight. Increase your rank with materials or cheat codes acquired from various activities. The higher your status, the better support you can expect. Wanna see the benefits of raising your rank? Put in the work and you can help strengthen all of the heroes in your squad.

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