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Matchday Manager Football Game story

Welcome to the club! You must be the new boss! Let's get started. Follow me. The design team are working on some kit ideas for next season. It's your decision, which one would you like to go with? Confirm kit. Don't worry, you can change it later on! Plans for the new stadium are nearly finished, we need your help choosing the club's new location. Great! I've also set up a friendly match against the Hurricanes at the national stadium. Let's see if we can crush their champion spirit.

Matchday Manager Football Hack Basics trucos

You're the manager. You will be selecting the players, making substitutions, and deciding the tactics. The second half is just getting started. We'll introduce you to your players after the game. It's still 0-0. Let's wait until we're needed. Just watch the match and enjoy the action. Camera control: Touch and hold over the pitch to rotate the camera. It looks like we can do better.

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Let's make a substitution. Player's have match ratings which tell you how well they're performing on the pitch. Higher numbers are better, regardless of a player's stats. Bonedette hasn't played well today with a match rating of only 5. Drag Civana over Bonedette to swap them and set up a substitution. Perfect! Tap Confirm to make the change. Fantastic! We're leading and Hurricanes look shaken. You can change your team's mentality to influence the way they're playing.

Matchday Manager Football Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Ultra Defensive will reduce the chance of the opposition scoring against us. However, we'll be less likely to score ourselves.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Matchday Manager Football cheat code - give: gold, cash, legendary player, speed up, crates, cohesion, stadium, sponsors, fans, champion pack, starter bundle, tokens.
3. Meat the team. Tap the Squad button to meet your starting eleven. Players have a rating in the top left to help you select your match day team. In addition to a player's rating, you'll also need to consider how well they link with the player next to them.
4. Players have cohesion arrows that point towards each other. This gives them a performance boost. You can improve your squad by visiting the Store. Let's put Banzeme into our line-up for the next match. Drag him over Bonedette to make the change.
5. Improving players: Collect player cards from packs or by training a player to improve their rating.
6. Setting your team's Playing Style will influence the decisions your players make on the pitch. You can prepare Team Talks, which impact the second half of a match.
7. Each clud has their own unique location. We play away games at stadiums created by other players. Let's take a closer look at our home ground.
8. Stadiums generate money for the club. We can build new stands to increase ticket sales.

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