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Maze Castle hack cheat code List

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Maze Castle use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

Welcome! There are various characters and monsters summoned from various dimensions. Survive in this maze pf places and become the strongest of the castle. In the lobby, you can change your character or equip runes. You can change the character by tapping the character portrait. Also, there are ghosts for practice, so you can practice before you go to battle. Please refer to the picture for the control method.

Maze Castle Hack Basics trucos

All characters can move, dash, and jump, each with their own basic attack, 2 skills, and 1 ultimate. Each time you use dash, basic attack, and skills, it consumes a certain amount of stamina. Stamina is charged while moving or jumping. Jumping is for evasion Therefore, you cannot do anything other than move or dash while jumping. Also, if you deal certain amount of damage to an enemy, you can use your ultimate.

enter cheat (Maze Castle gift codes):
upgrade trucos - TfqL6TVjd
level up - TN1hL36ht
daily pack - enter pass tobqZYms4
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Month Card x1 - W9REtoCyJ
booster pack - TSeFbZ6oF
evolve - Z7WGNuQyt
enhance - q5ZOHnJ29
Skills: sharpshooter- windy aims and fires an arrow, dealing physical damage to an enemy hit. Longer aiming time increases range and speed. When you fill all the gauges, you deal a critical hit. Bow strike - windy strikes with a bow, dealing physical damage to the enemies and stunning them for 2 seconds. Beast rush - sends a beast, dealing magical damage to enemies hit and slowing them by 50% for 3 seconds. Multishot - fires 3 arrows, dealing true damage to an enemy hit.

Maze Castle Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. To start the battle, click the door in the center of the lobby. If you have any questions click the help button. We gave you all 5 adventure grade runes as a starting gift. Click the change runes button on the bottom right to equip it.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Maze Castle cheat code - give: increase stats, skills, runes, endless mode, platinum chests, soul gems, diamonds, stars, increase exploration level, tier up
3. Challenge mode - consists of a total of 5 stages. Stages 1-3 will have normal grade monsters, stage 4 will have elite, and stage 5 - boss grade monsters randomly. Each stage is given a 30 second time limit, and the remaining time is accumulated to the next stage. If you fail to clear the stage within the time limit, you are defeated.
4. You can achieve perfect clear by clearing one stage without taking any damage from a monster. If you have suffered damage even once, it is not a perfect clear even if you recover your health again using skills, etc.
5. There is a monster book at maze castle. When you meet a monster for the first time, it is registered in the monster book and you can practice at any time. When you clear a monster for the first time, the monster book is updated and you get the same number of star as the number of monsters.

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