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green crystal - use jwwOLh727
off ads - deDInkZaM
secret combination - mSAy8lZnz
blue - xvIfLBbtr
double rewards - iuZ1ae9ZI
premium troops - BVwqQ19wi
resources - 82cxNTNO2
speed up - iLcd1eAU1
Mecha Planeteer starter package - J20iCFN8g
admin panel - IXXlvV6JP
gems - DAM8phhVs
unlock buildings - use q5Zl51YEU
premium mecha - wrWghR0zV
trophy - ZvOO42EI7
technology - ElY3VXo4V

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Mecha Planeteer Game story

After inventing ai they got big and called titans. From then world got to a really big war, now the last human base is at your hands and this is the last hope for destroying the titans, but be careful because titans are getting better every second. We have to be just like titans to defeat them, we changed some of their buildings to our benefits and you can build them in this section. This section shows when the titans will attack you and with each of your attacks its decreasing by 2 hours, be ready before this time ends. Our scientists changed some of robots built by titans, so tap on this section and choose attack to attack one of the titans bases.

Mecha Planeteer Hack Basics trucos

To make buildings simultaneously, build another builder drone. Buildings and units need resources to be made, and we get our resources from blue and green crystals, for producing green crystals, build a green crystal factory. For producing blue crystals, build a blue crystal factory. For strong green crystal build the green crystal storage building. Another way of getting resources is war and looting the resources, for making units build the war factory. Units need army camp to keep them clean and safe.

enter cheat (Mecha Planeteer gift codes):
upgrade trucos - zvnTSWy7F level up - Je5RKCiqM
daily pack - enter pass IKnyhLH5Z
admin account - Spim5j4R0
Month Card x1 - J626NJ3LK
booster pack - gDZ9T5zdE
evolve - F9ZvH0Q2C
enhance - 1vHYNGP5k
Build the army camp. To defend against titans, build the defenses fast. After couple of wars with the resources you got make the advanced missile defense so you can defend against titans attack. With selection of each building you can upgrade it if upgrade is available for that building and also you can upgrade more buildings and get more trophy with upgrading your headquarter.

Mecha Planeteer Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Watch a video and get rewarded from 10 to 100 gems by your chance!
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Mecha Planeteer cheat code - give: green crystal, blue, premium troops, resources, speed up, gems, unlock buildings, off ads, premium mecha, trophy, technology.
3. Powerful Mecha Warriors at your service. Various kinds of Mecha Troops with high-tech equipment and intimidating power are ready for you. Battle your way through the glory with them!

Hack tools Version:


Mecha Planeteer Redeem code - premium gift box 21.06.2021

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