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Meeerge Game story

Howdy my chief. I'm Tristan, your scout! I'm glad we all survived that bumpy journey. We finally reached land, so let's set up a Camp. This is quite lush! Don't know what we might run into here? Let's start by propping up our tent to protect ourselves! I know leaving home is hard, but the only way to save it was to leave. All that most bizzare disasters, we must find an answer! That's why we thought to seek for help. But we'll find a way back, ok? Let's start by building an Altar for you to talk to God, how is that, priest Enda? Chief will help!

Meeerge Hack Basics trucos

Basic Merge: Good-hearted person over there, help me please! I'm trapped in these Totems! Drag any 3 totems of the same kind together to trigger a Merge, and the curse will be lifted. The people of our tribe are trapped in these Totems. The tribe needs your help to find other tribal members here, as well as back home. Go search for them in the next level! The Code of Creation - you'll see it in various levels. Let's see what's written inside. Tap it to get some helpful tips for the game.

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Level objective: If you want to beat a level, you need to get a Designated Object. The Level Objective will tell you what you need to get. Start merging and win! Their powers have faded too! We need to wake Embla up through merging the carvings. If a level has these carvings, you can usually beat the level through merging them. These lands have lost their connaction with the Goddess, so they fell into depp slumber. You can't move any object on Darmant Lands. Merge any Spirit Flowers to wake up land. When you win, Goddess Embla will wake up all lands!

Meeerge Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. That's everything we need for the Altar, and we found a way to break free of those totems! This place is blessed!
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Meeerge cheat code - give: gold, resources, legendary totem, premium chest, off ads, stars, big coins, specials rewards, gems, pets, unlock buildings, tribal power, population
3. I've learned about herbal medicine through years of travelling. Let's gather some herbs and grow a Herb Garden here, as my way of saying sorry.
4. Tribal member: You can double-tap some objects to call someone here to harvest from it. You can use or merge the objects you've gathered. Harvest from a Spirit Flower to get a Wind Rune Orb. Tap the orb to wake up Dormants Lands.
5. As we just said, you can tap a Wild Ruine Orb to wake up land. Of course, you can also merge them to get more advanced ones!
6. Require Overlap - When turned on, you have to put one object on top of another object to trigger merging. Chain reactions - When turned off, there won't be chain reactions among objects
7. From now on, you can select rewards at the end of each level. Rewards are usually Gold or other useful resources. Sometimes even a totem! Your rewards will be put into Bubbles and send back home. Where it used to be our home, before the Big Flood destroyed our peaceful life, leaving a heavy fog covering the land.
8. Merge objects with ones on dormant lands to wake up land directly! Try to merge to rescue more tribal members! The bigger your population is, the more fog you can clear up, and the faster you can rebuild our home.
9. Merge Spirit Sprouts - Drag 3 or more Spirit Sprouts together to merge them!

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