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Mega Godddss Eternal War Game story

Welcome to the base mothersihp. We were brought into an unknown world by the chronostorm. We must send out a team to explore the area. Please get ready for battle. We're very weak at the moment. Use purification spar to recruit heroes to expand our units. Tap on the empty slot to select the hero to deploy. Tap on the hero to adjust the lineup. DEF type hero is suitable to be placed in the front row of the formation. You may adjust the position based on the hint. Select the stage to enter the battle. Reincarnation restarts, and out warrior has once again embark on a journey. Use the hero's skill to deliver the attack!

Mega Godddss Eternal War Hack Basics trucos

Characters: Warlord of Qin. Bai Qi - The famous general of Qin, the representation of the military strategists. He led the army of Qin for 30 years, conquering 70 and more cities from the six kingdoms, eliminating millions of enemy. He laid a great foundation for the unicifation of China. He is bestowed with the title of the Lord of Wuan.

Lightning Goddess Tonya SSR - The daughter of Odin, the female counterpard of Thor. Her weapon is the other. Thor Hammer given by Odin. After the evil god comes, every nordic god has joined this epic war, including Tonya.

Undead Maiden Anubis SSR - The Grim Reaper of Ancient Egypt and Mythology, the guardian of the dead in their jorney to the afterlife. She is also responsible for weighing the heard of dead, determining whether the dead is qualified to enter the afterlife.

Guardian Deity Valgray SSR - The maid of Odin, who is charge of victory and death in battle. She is responcible to lead the spirit of the warriors back to the nether. She was once the most faith full follower of the Holy Grail spirit.

Queen of Aurora SSR - means the light of north pole. she is the goddess in charge of dawn and dusk in Nordic Mythology. She is the Goddess that fills hope and expectation in people. She flies onto the air every morning to announce the coming of dawn to the world.

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Month Card x1 - YBicwXMvw
booster pack - wWVVBDHgl
evolve - R09tqm3yw
enhance - QZZ2L9JxL
Skills: Tamer Whip(1Lv) - Leaps into the air, and then whips out a long whip to attack all enemy units, dealing user's own Phys. ATK*50.1%+30 Physical damage. CD lasts for 3 turns

Shockwave(1Lv) - Wields the lance to engage on the enemy front row and deals user's own Phys. ATK*80.1%+18 Physical damage.

Shield Bash(1Lv) - Uses shield to bash the enmy front row and deals user's own Phys. ATK*180.1%+18 Physical damage. And it reduses Phys. DEF of the target by 75% for 2 turns. The CD lasts for 3 turns

God Slaughter(1Lv) - Attacks all enemy characters, dealing user's own Phys. ATK*35.1%+36 Physical damage, and applying a shield with the amount of user's own Max HP*10% for 1 turn

Slaughterer(1Lv) - Taunts all enemy characters for 2 turns. During this period increases the user's own DMG Reduction by 15.15%. The CD lasts for 4 turns

Mega Godddss Eternal War Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Each Starvein features different functions. Select the Starvein to view the details Spend gold to activate Starvein.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Mega Godddss Eternal War cheat code - give: stamina, skill points, gems, advanced purification, SSR hero, shards, gold coins, orb, vip 20, star up, title, outfit, privilege pass, resource reserve, rename card, sacred spar, rebirth stone, advanced spar, diamonds, power treasure.
3. Battle strategy: Freyja is capable of attacking all front enemy units, dealing Physical damage to them. Upon the beggining of each battle, she can apply CRIT rate and constant CRIT effect upon herself, a rush type physical damage dealing. When Freyja deals damage and scores a crytical hit, it applies a dbuff status of 10% DMG Reduction upon the target for 1 turn. Awakening of Dark-Freyja's damage against male enemy unit can increase by 20%. Recommended Lineup Introduction: This lineup is capable of both offense and defense, with powerful support. It is the most perfect combination.
4. Rank-up is the quickest way to increase the hero's power! Select the Hero you wish to Rank-up! Remember to come and train your heroes in time! There are powerful monsters ahead. Try out the hero you have upgrated! Complete the chapter to gain ample rewards to increase the power. Please check and claim! The battle speedup feature has been enabled. High speed battle experience is available!
5. VIP 20 Privilege
You need to recharge 800000 more gems to enjoy the following privileges:
Purchasable Growth Road 8 times
Purchasable Golden Bean Thrash 8 times
Max Stamnia increases by 130
Daily Purchasable Skill points 20 time(s)
Each Elite instance can be reset daily for 8 times
Purchasable Witch Slugfest 8 times
Purchasable Combo Skill Trial 8 times
Home City Dispatch Quest Additional Amount 7
It includes all privileges of VIP 19 and below

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