Cheats hack Mega Summoner code:vitality, stone, scroll, activity, vip, pack, gold, gear, shard, materials, diamonds Mega Summoner Hack tools gift voucher codes game bug android, ios.

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Mega Summoner hack cheat code List

vitality - use hack 3zBUoY4qA
daily pack - enter pass k1qjMqwH4
stone: garnet, sapphire, topaz, ruby, levin - ScmI1LtMZ
v - 3n2Kn2wep
booster pack - hJFUhXMkl
activity - J8A9bEsHn
Month Card x1 - tGbeutzG4
upgrade - 7SQuDwwjd
daily gift bag x10 - 3czueUiqI
secret combination code - YfjQFNXKx
novice pack - aPrS0kf4V
gold - tjtdUWRGS
legendary gear - i9Zcp0kN4
weekly box - Vk5pwYDCV
vip 15 - EQ4AoAmqD
shard - MFjegYo6Z
level up - RMCZvuxUy
materials - mL7CXY5ty
diamonds - bFNZiRcXS

Mega Summoner use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

Master, only by sign a pact with you can saber be stronger. It seems Aizen is planning for something unusual. We need to hurry up. More companions needed! Tap advanced summon to get more powerful hero. Tap adventure to enter the 2d world, and stop Aizen together. Deploy all heroes to the battle. Heroes are divided into three types: offense (AD and AP), defense, and support. They all have unique features. A good formation is the key to win. Please move offensive hero Saber to the third row to attack corresponding enemy. Offense units is responsible for dealing damages.

Mega Summoner Hack Basics

Luffy - role: reduce rage, absorb rage, rover rage, and dispel debuff. The captain of Straw Hat pirates with the power of Gomu Gomu no Mi, loyal to his friends and dream to become the pirate king. Skills: Rubber pistol - deal physical damage to single enemy, stunning target. Nami - role: AOE damage dealer, increasing ATK and crit. strike. The navigator of Straw Hat pirates, controlling weather using technology of Skypiea. She loves orange and money. Skills: Gust sword - deal magic damage to all enemies. Tempest - deal magic damage to 3 enemies randomly. Combo will be activated when Nami and Luffy get together.

Hint & Tips

1. After rank up, your units will become much more powerful.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: vitality, stone: garnet, sapphire, topaz, ruby, levin, AD scroll, activity, vip 15, novice pack, gold, legendary gear, shard, materials, diamonds
3. Ultimate skills are very powerful. Use them wisely to turn the battle in your favor.
4. Remember to enhance your heroes' talents.

Mega Summoner Hack tools Version:


Mega Summoner Redeem code - premium gift box

1. QVYcaqBruXBT8Qc
3. YO3N6xmY31ACMuT
4. Rsw6QqjP3aDbOiL
5. 6cfEHeHYfIiIwzu
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