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Merge City hack cheat code List

city score - use eQ8r9ixZE
off ads - WC6jQSpzK
secret combination - 7euLk6bgL
safety points - j1bjgrTPa
double rewards - pxOnZVdxT
hero pack - uPura2yk9
speed up - Ukfwf9AtK
auto merge - afZ5hont1
starter package - IJoeFrDfh
admin panel - sHTHdzk5h
premium building - CKeBSvNG6
cars - use WfnNoJEbY
citizens - gMNyafOKD
gold coins - nqr12JzIh
loot packs - HGvriqMfA
cash - sJyAb5Om5
decorations - 8B0WHW9YF
recreation points - fgMI4TrwS

Merge City use cheats
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Game story

Welcome to your new city, Mayor! I'm your next city neighbor, here to get you settled. You can merge buildings to upgrade them. Get you city score to 24 by merging homes. Merge 2 identical homes to discover a new level. Merging earns you city score. Sometimes mystery buildings appear when merging. That one will be ready to open soon. Drag to place fire station in highlighted area. Just in time. Smoke is rising from home.

Merge City Hack Basics trucos

Fighting that fire gave us 10 safety points. Points complete projects. We have enough safety points, but need 40 city score to complete this safety project. Keep merging to earn the reward. We can merge shops, too! Merging costs coins. Come play a mini game in opponent city to fill up! Merge buildings to make them taller and more powerful.

enter cheat (Merge City gift codes):
upgrade trucos - qNufblk8k
level up - oGCEIpI3s
daily pack - enter pass gdvieRSap
admin account - cWGjto8sG
Month Card x1 - KyzWh2blA
booster pack - OlfC75Pfj
evolve - 5LiCSBq1d
enhance - bcN5wgt2k
There are tons of mini game attractions to collect. Mine is basketball. Come visit me every 8 hours to play. Bigger homes send more cars. Bigger shops give you more coins per car. Simple as that! Keep merging for a hero citizen at 40 and your own attraction at 60. Premium building - you can wait for it to be built or rush the construction. Collect more buildings to build from advisor projects and loot packs.

Merge City Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Now you have a mini game attraction of your own! Play when you're ready for more coins. Use the build button to place buildings you win. Come back daily for more free prizes.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Merge City cheat code - give: city score, safety points, hero pack, speed up, auto merge, premium building, cars, citizens, gold coins, loot packs, cash, decorations, recreation points
3. Earn recreation points when cars visit other homes, and by playing the soccer mini games. And remember, homes send cars to places in range. Make sure they reach the fun stuff.

Merge City Hack tools Version:


Merge City Redeem code - premium gift box 2021

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