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coins - use Wud8dz3ft
off ads - ECASVKzvu
secret combination - gwqfzCFMT
runic - ibEw8Z0cq
double rewards - 2cOC5Y3DP
auto merge - 5gzLNQUqw
premium items - ercG8KyNN
unlimited energy - jOU8AQs4n
MergeCrafter starter package - pNHwP0TwZ
admin panel - unz5XMhJt
specials rewards - nldM1AmxV
recipe - enter cHkwGJBpr
axes - mSwDWYFmy
pickaxes - use pcZOC1obO
essentials - pass RYJReh3sE
generators - use QPZ8Po6bg
potions - pass YvMeHCSQb
oak rewards - use LSunI9cfu

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MergeCrafter Game story

I'll teach you the basics, but then you're on your own...Here, try Dragging 3 of thr same items together to merge them into a Better item. Merge 3 of a kind to discover something new! Keep on merging! It will give you the experience you need to explore Runaria! Let's see if you can merge all the way to an Oak Tree. Finish the tutorial first, recruit! Not bad...Now try using the Axe on the tree to harvest wood from it. I remember my first tree. Chopping them down will allow you to harvest valuable resources from them. Let's use our XP to explore New Land, and hopefully find the rest of the group! Well, you've made it firther than the last recruit...Here, take these Acorns to get started on your adventure!

MergeCrafter Hack Basics trucos

Tap an item to view more details. Acorn Shards - Merge these for Acorns. Pile of Acorns - A squirrel's dream. Acorn - Also known as oaknut. Merge for sprouts. Fruit Tree Seed - Merges onto Fruit Tree Sprout. Oak Sapling - Baby oak, not quite harvestable yet. Merge for a tree. Your Axe is getting pretty close to breaking. Use it on the Anvil to Repair it. That's better! Keep your tools sharp, and they won't let you down. Ok, enough chatting. Go find the other Settlers! You are going to have to give me some coin for this.

enter MergeCrafter gift pass:
upgrade trucos - uUU8qIKml
level up code - xxHclmlZs
daily pack cheat - enter pass vgxesQQI6
admin account - iOJMyhEEV
Month Card x1 - fKbwCaA6u
booster pack - YhcQCwcUu
evolve - ulnBQtwME
enhance - tpeOAlwd1
You'll need to learn some Crafting to go any firther. You're in luck: I happen to be a master Craftswoman! First we'll need to upgrade the camp to fix the Crafting Table. Wow, it looks like you've gathered exactly enough supplies already! Here's some resources for your first craft! Ah that's better...Now let's craft an Oak Axe! Apple - Crafting ingredient. Usually drops trof Oak Trees. Oak Sprout - Early signs of life. Merge for saplings. We're over budget and we can't affort to waste resources. Merging 5 items instead of 3 saves us 16% on suoolies. Do that, and I can use the surplus to repair the camp.

MergeCrafter Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Once we've got enough supplies I'll need you to Upgrade the camp. It doesn't happen on its own you know! We're doing fine in the buildin'em up department, but the knocken'em down could use some work. I want you to make another tool.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter MergeCrafter cheat code - give: coins, runic, auto merge, premium items, unlimited energy, recipe, axes, pickaxes, essentials, generators, potions, oak rewards
3. Oak Block - Block of wood used for Crafting.
4. Oak Tree Planks - Planks of wood used for Crafting.
5. Complete more levels to get better rewards and to advance your Depth!
6. Double Chest? Your tool is bubbled, make some room! Watch a short video to double your chests!

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MergeCrafter Redeem code - premium gift box 15.07.2021

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