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coins - use PvFpTMFA3
off ads - 9EjVWhJoq
secret combination - BAmCrqm9m
resynths - HW0R4t7Gp
double rewards - w5W2dSNzB
bolts - cO76WP6gh
auto clicker - G7oONfAPY
game speed x10 - 1IFEA0Lo7
energy - 5maIJcAc1
admin panel - m7V2cQDVU
premium unit - LSrPFrPl1
unlock slots - use jxC4Ber8f
auto merge - PrYsBcnpR

Merge Jelly Idle Adventure use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

Oh no, those pesky Bots again! They are tearing the lab apart. Please help me fend them off. Quick, help me fabricate a Jelly! Just tap the button and my highly advanced chemical apparatus will synthesize one. Okay, we want the Jelly to fight against the Bot. Drag the Jelly from the apparatus and drop it into battle. Great! Now let's watch our new little friend obliterate those Bots. Your second Jelly, very good! it's small, red and very cute, just like the first one you created. Now drag and drop new Jelly to merge it with your first one. Continue creating more units, then merge two of the same kind to make them stronger.

Merge Jelly Idle Adventure Hack Basics trucos

Right now, you can only have 1 Jelly fighting for you. But no worries, dear. You will soon have a gang of up to 3 Kellys beating up those pesky Bots. Wait, i haven't even introduced myself, how rude of me! My name is cheat-on, professor of applied jellology. To be completely honest with you, this isn't the first time things have gotten a bit out of hand here in my laboratory. Why has some of my equipment developed a life of its own, you ask? I'm eager to tell you how it all started. But first....

enter cheat (Merge Jelly Idle Adventure gift codes):
upgrade trucos - 7clwpnOPH
level up - WNfpopkeF
daily pack - enter pass TkQ4jcUJr
admin account - XYfRSghqy
Month Card x1 - h0ix1y2El
booster pack - c9YdsL5hQ
evolve - IHe0kzD3l
enhance - dDt1fOm9g
Let me present to you my newest invention: the zap-o-trinicon. Harness the power of lightning to pulverize those bots. Darling, you just collected a bunch of Bolts. Let's use them to upgrade the lab. I upgraded the apparatus to power up your characters so that they dish out more damage. Guess what's better than increased damage? Even more damage! Just spend some of those bolts to further upgrade your Jellys' damage.

Merge Jelly Idle Adventure Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. There are a lot of different upgrades but you need to beat more stages to unlock them. The bots have broken out of the lab and are now taking over the city. You're really enjoying beating up those bloody bots, aren't you? Since you are now my favorite apprentice, i will regularly give you little tasks from now on. Complete tasks fro me and i will boost the damage of your Jellys or Zap in return.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: coins, off ads, resynths, bolts, auto clicker, game speed x10, energy, premium unit, unlock slots, auto merge
3. My newest invention will knock your socks off! I call it the boost tube. You push the button to play a video and this activates a powerful boost. Try it out, it's completely safe. I promise.
4. There are more boosts you can activate. Simply push the button again to play another video. All those boosts can be activate at the same time. Remember though, the boosts are only temporary. Make sure they don't run out.
5. Sometimes, all you need is a fresh start. Here you can resynthesize your units. This process consumes all Jelly matter. You will have to create new Jelly but they will be much stronger than before. Oh and by doing this you will gain a lot of Bolts to spend on upgrades. Progress as far as you comfortably can before resynthing, to get as many bolts as possible.
5. Resynth - start over from the beginning. Your Jellys and coins will be reset. Get bolts to spend on upgrades. How many you get, depends on how many stages you beat.

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