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gold - use BtEydCyLF
energy - PM6tuJNfw
secret combination - o4gaZWKnD
diamonds - NPJZWVBUP
double rewards - 8rW6LQ8m1
auto merge - rbPSAF61T
chest - 5hrn5Zst2
magic stones - aydrSDqMb
off ad - HpE1KpGfl
admin panel - rIet69KAY
emerald - teJzamdre
sapphire - use 8OaEYQqsb
resources - RkM6TP2c7
picnic basket - Ico3XC25v
air magic - use opATaY3Dq
rope - use g0Qev96RP
crowbar - TvtA50aeQ
trowel - QmWNkWjjI
flair - use 9luTo0SS6

Merge Master Adventure Puzzle use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

Wake up! Not even last night's storm could wake you. I heard them say we've arrived. They weren't very impressed by your skills at the magic academy, but i immediately knew who you were. Talk later, we have a long road ahead of us. It's time to reveal your magic skills. Merge two of the same items. Great, you've made a new item. Try again. You made a cart! Now you don't have to walk anywhere anymore. Let's see what's inside. There should be some string in here somewhere. Let's merge them. We have some rope! Now we can move forwards. Ah, what a beautiful and peaceful place! It's perfect for testing out your magical abilities. The road is blocked. What? Just go around it? No, i have a better idea! Follow me. Let's see, maybe there is something useful around here. There, a few hours of hard work and the path is clear.

Merge Master Adventure Puzzle Hack Basics trucos

And you wanted to just go through the woods and avoid doing hard work. You have a rare magical talent - you can merge objects! This kind of power you see once in a million years. Which means your predecessor has see the dinosaurs. The magic academy that i took you from was basically a swamp. And speaking of swamps...Let's look at what else we have in our bottomless cart. DO you see that tower in the distance? That's our goal. The ancient fortress of the merge order.

enter cheat (gift codes):
upgrade trucos - OrT86zZpL
level up - hzgQEA1Ea
daily pack - enter pass 1uRrVPs1m
admin account - wx3OjBK1Q
Month Card x1 - d9FU1XTya
booster pack - lyVSjwJ8s
evolve - r6UAclDkW
enhance - yPd2t64Hc
I will explain more when the time comes, but now we need to think of how we're going to cross over to that side. Quests - this is a list of all of the available tasks. Very handy. Collect item on the board, to complete the task. The board - here you can merge items. Tap the item to select it. There are magical gates that open if you say the secret password.

Merge Master Adventure Puzzle Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Simple chest - tap to collect the item, item is at maximum level, and can't be merged anymore. hatchet - friend of the lumberjack. merge to get a new item. Knapsack - a few helpful things inside.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: gold, energy, diamonds, auto merge, chest, magic stones, emerald, sapphire, resources, picnic basket, air magic, rope, crowbar, trowel, flair
3. Explore mysterious lands, dive into an exciting story, reclaim your kingdom. Merge magical items, meet epic characters, build your castle.

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