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gems - use K8KVQNE49
off ads - BecVKtSGt
secret combination - ZswamBv3i
gold - culpQHx0A
double rewards - ACUU0Pgjc
auto merge - hzuU9NuYX
game speed x10 - DsTbMDrn8
energy - n4Avy7TgY
Merge Mayor starter package - ThwjRwMF2
admin panel - gB3mfQzvT
speed up - tlmmee6yg
manager - use RG2mVO83w
premium buildings - gZdwo2Cwj
unlock slot - HL9YEaRno
booster pack - WEjQmVCYI
treasure chest - use QZfugzXVN

Use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Merge Mayor Game story

You must be the new Mayor! I am cheat-on, your assistant. We need your help to rebuild this village. Follow me, our first challenge is over here. Open the warehouse. We need a wood beam to finish building the farm. Select an item to see more information.Let's clear some space. Merge baskets. Let's see what the farmers cart contains. Tap it to spawn items. Tap to produce items! Producing costs energy. Farmer's cart - this item is at max level and can no longer be merged. Head back and fix the farm.

Merge Mayor Hack Basics trucos

We completed our first task! All your tasks are listed over there. Merge items and complete missions. Let's build the farm. Complete your next task to keep this village running. You receive a bike part! let's use it to build a bike. Bottom bar - your rewards are stored down there. Tap to place it pn the grid. You collected enough experience and are ready to level up! Tap the upper left symbol.

enter cheat (Merge Mayor gift codes):
upgrade trucos - BvTLQcN76
level up - dIJniqWUZ
daily pack - enter pass yY2AXTeQA
admin account - o9mIxomQ4
Month Card x1 - dBBdgHDCh
booster pack - 7gSOmbE5U
evolve - I4YyjEdkE
enhance - PuhhrzGKU
Mayor ID - this is your mayor level, collect experience points to level up and earn rewards. Tap to place the chest on the grid. Select the chest to unlock it. Chests must be unlocked first! tap the unlock button above. We got some gems, let's skip the waiting time. Unlock and open chests to collect valuable items. Bubble will pop - break the bubble and get the item or it will be lost.

Merge Mayor Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Lay the foundations by building businesses, establishing the transportation network and letting the idle game simulate and make money even when you are not playing the game!
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Merge Mayor cheat code - give: auto merge, game speed x10, gems, gold coins, energy, manager, premium buildings, unlock slot, booster pack, treasure chest
3. Complete missions to earn rewards. Progress from the village to the small town to the big city and to beyond infinity!

Hack tools Version:


Merge Mayor Redeem code - premium gift box 12.06.2021

1. 4wQgOCxaWtqU6NX
2. eRAajUHdssybXBn
3. 3r7dissrAVTnipT
4. peNEnh3m3hi119v
5. VTrTeqhZ5UHiIcO
6. VdQlaPev0TqiYsd
7. zM75VRU9gqjVwQe
8. yLlnXq29ppAstbT
9. mDTS2Fvcx7nwlka
10. p9dMeRS20K7AL0M
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GenreRole Playing > Action RPG trucos
Hack Release Date: 12.06.2021
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