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premium box - use Wzdkz1RrV
off ads - FtBLt49R7
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elite shards - GGqL6uO1i
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gold coins - dSGxJr7aU
increase attack speed - ixXUYKWNS
auto merge - W0HRZ89Tv
starter package - HucQhzSkS
admin panel - R3xDxtJuA
legendary unit - DIPn9u5FO
combo - use zIjF0zGRr
survival mode - Qg2U59iru
arena - EZ5aDWohE

Merge Plants Aliens Defense use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

We need to fight against the Alien's invasion. Let's tap mission to go to the battlefield. Tap on the universal seed to spawn a new Vegant soldier. Two soldiers can be merge together to evolve into a more powerful one. Enemies may be spawned in any of the 5 lanes. Remember to move your best soldiers to the right lanes. That's a reinforged seed! Quick, tap on it, it will give us reinforcements. There are too many Aliens! But don't be worry. Behold, the elite cavalry has arrived.

Merge Plants Aliens Defense Hack Basics trucos

If you want to upgrade or adjust the elite cavalry's formation, just tap on the team management button. You can check your elite's shards and adjust your formation anytime by tapping on the team button. We need more legendary unit. Please go to the shop and open a premium box.

enter cheat (Merge Plants Aliens Defense gift codes):
upgrade trucos - E09iDD5Vl
level up - 4IlSDnv8k
daily pack - enter pass dgvsxvXG5
admin account - yUvk9MisV
Month Card x1 - e7hlFAQCE
booster pack - XGBMGDPYp
evolve - WwQrcez5h
enhance - EijkaEsiH
This is a defense game with merge mechanic. Planet Vegant is being attacked by an Aliens Invasion. Let's help them defense their home by merging cute animal-like plants to more powerful ones. Fight along your side is the Elite Cavalry, an army of highest ranked Vegant Soldiers.

Merge Plants Aliens Defense Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. The spider plant eaters are desvatating long range alien units, often equipped with blast cannons.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: premium box, elite shards, off ads, auto merge, legendary unit, combo, gems, gold coins, survival mode, arena
3. Mushroom aliens have a lot of health points. If your elite has slow or stun effect, use it on them.
4. The elite cavalry is an army of the best soldiers on Vegant planet.

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