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Merger Legion hack cheat code List

gems - use cQFvEVDMK
coins - AeAhyIVnU
secret combination - GyePQHnrj
legendary card - qzTObYHR4
double rewards - PH14ZExWn
started pack - uCQRi16NV
epic skills - JCEflpxt0
speed up - 7rezSZM5Y
auto battle - KJWUvnX32
evolve - 2TJMes7fY
admin panel - 1bM0acvPR
shards - 4BrAl62TG
rank up - SRFIziaXe

Merger Legion use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

- Good news! You're got me to give you a hand with merging. It's pretty simple. All you have to do is merge that fridge with the next one and you will have created a generator. Perfect, you've got your first generator. Double tap it to find out whats inside. Just what we need! You can use that to complete your first quest and gain some coins. You now have enough coins to start building. Let's visit your land. Each item you build will give you 1 star. Collect 20 build stars to reach the next village. Building has unlocked some more things to merge! Take a look at what you're uncovered. A new quest is available! Find this item to receive some more coins. Use generator to generate the tools you need for this quest. You can find out how to progress with merging using the info button.

Merger Legion Hack Basics trucos

items - this screen shows you what you can create by combining items. You can also see which generator creates them. You can open up more space by merging items into locked items. Use the generator again to create the rest of the things you need.Please take coins and see what you can build. It's time to go on the offensive. Completing this quest will allow you to attack your enemies.

enter cheat (gift codes):
upgrade trucos - gqflWm6kc
level up - tbsN7yJ6v
daily pack - enter pass UG50EvC8O
admin account - zIeUBk4T1
Month Card x1 - yZCgEoJM7
booster pack - N4jnZMuEl
evolve - Sbmfwuhdv
enhance - 5fEyRkPZD
First you'll need to unlock the armoury. Build again should uncover it. Completing quest will allow you to take your treasure back from your enemies. Now you can raise your mask to the next level by merging it with this locked one. Shields protect you from your enemies' attacks. Check how to obtain what you need by tapping its icon. Tap on a rune, and summon the forces of nature to aid you.
Characters: footman - once a farmer, he wields a sword just as easily as he would a hoe. Archer - never misses, unless her arm gets tired.

Merger Legion Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Join a clan, participate in clan event with members and claim generous rewards.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: gems, coins, legendary card, started pack, epic skills, speed up, auto battle, evolve, shards
3. You can combine two soldiers of the same type and level.
4. Place your ranged units in the back so they can shoot safely! Put the warrior in the front lines so they can charge the enemy.
5. Leveling up can make your cards even stronger.

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