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Mergy Merge RPG Game story

In a time of dark shadows, the world is waiting for a new hero to come, ready to defeat the world of rising enemies. An extraordinary journey is waiting for this new hero who'll come saving the whole world. Strength, bravery, determination, loyalty and gallantry are the essences of needed qualities of the seeking hero. Are you this hero?

Mergy Merge RPG Hack Basics trucos

Let's begin your journey. Wait untill a chest is available (on the bottom right) and tap on it to craft a new weapon. The weapon will appear in yor weapon inventory. Let's get a second weapon. Drag and drop the first weapon onto the second weapon of the same level to merge them. Magic, this is a level 2 weapon. Drag your weapon into the equipment bag to increase your damage stat. You're all set! Merge more weapons to unlock armors, shields and trinkets.

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upgrade trucos - jXmtMZa0G
level up - 565DXm72R
daily pack - enter pass tFVsxZ8ed
admin account - EJMZahURc
Month Card x1 - locxADOBb
booster pack - GcYjRjrZd
evolve - KjRtCaj3g
enhance - UztYGbSe1
You can now set your pseudo-self, choose your hero and share him/her on the character screen. Let's increase your block and defense. Select the shields tab. The chest now craft shields. Merge more shields to ublock trinkets. Equip a shield level to unlock—é Let's find some extra bonuses. Select the trinkets tab. The chest now craft trinkets. Defeat more bonuses to level up and unlock skills. When level bar is full. Press on Boss Icon to call boss. The chest is not ready yet. Increase craft speed, or wait a bit longer

Mergy Merge RPG Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Repair your equipment. Each time a boss kills you, you lose one durability point. Repair before your equipment is destroyed.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Mergy Merge RPG cheat code - give: energy, ruby, weapons, auto merge, gold, increase stats, skill points, legendary equipment, shield, gold coins, reduce repair, speed up.
3.Let's upgrade your stats, hero! Go to the Skills tab. Here you can level up your preferred stats (hp, dmg, speed, def, crit, gold, leach life). Here some gold for you. Select any skills to upgrade Nice! Upgrade your stats to become stronger. Level up to unlock gears
4. Weapon inventory is full? Merge weapons or increase weapon inventory size.

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Mergy Merge RPG Redeem code - premium gift box 27.06.2021

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