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Game story

Greetings, welcome to new android game. Now, we're going to give you a quick workout to get you acquainted with the world. Move the stick left and right to control your character's movement. Move forward toward the target. Moving backwards triggers a block stance that uses energy to neutralize the opponent's attacks. Take note that blocking uses energy. You cannot block when you have no energy. Defeat your opponent to get the victory symbol. Fights are best of three. The player who earns 2 victory symbols first wins. Let's learn how to deal with air attacks now! When your opponent uses an air attack, you can press ^X to counter with an anti-air attack.

Metal Revolution Hack Basics trucos

Let's learn about the dash system next. keep an eye out for attacks.Continually pres < + B to dodge the attack. Press ^ + B and consume 1 unit of energy to use charged jump, which lets you jump even farther to dodge or attack. I'm sure you know a lot more about dash and charged jump now. I want to remind you that you can't use dash or charged jump when you don't have enough energy.

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upgrade trucos - Ct04E3Hvb
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daily pack - enter pass pIxu1h8BV
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evolve - kGFRO9pZh
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When you're knocked down by this big lug you cna getup quickly. When you are knocked down press B to get up quickly. When you cannot block, you can use energy pulse to burst away your opponent. Press ^ +M to burst away your opponent with energy pulse. Just to remind you again. Energy pulse cannot be used when there are fewer than 4 units of energy. very good. You're one step closer to becoming a proper challenge.

Metal Revolution Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Last, but not least. let's learn about the finished and eradicator. Use 3 units of energy to use a finisher.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: battle pass, unlock all mecha, coins, legendary skin, gems, exclusive pack, treasure, fuse
3. Let's learn to use an eradicator now. When HP is low and flashing, you can consume 5 units of energy to use an eradicator to deal massive damage to your opponent. Get close to your target, press down and M at the same time to use an eradicator.
4. You'll earn more points if you get consecutive wins in ranked matches. You won't be able to block throw attacks by pulling back.
5. The game hall is where players practice fighting daily. You can learn by watching other players fight or join in a match of your own.

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